Early help surgery

If you need further support and guidance on an open EHA please refer to early help surgery. You can meet with a social worker from the assessment and joint investigation team and a member of the early help panel at our early help surgery.

You'll be able to discuss your concerns and get advice on the best way forward for meeting the family's needs.

If you're concerned that a child's at risk of serious harm, you should make a request for service to children’s social care without delay.

Surgery times

The surgery takes place every Wednesday from 2pm to 5pm at Worsbrough Health Centre.

If you'd like to attend, please make an appointment and provide a chronology and, if relevant, an EHA action plan.

You can email: mash@barnsley.gov.uk

Benefits of the surgery

The surgery will support:

  • discussions with neighbouring agencies about potential referrals into the service
  • effective joint working
  • sharing of clear and knowledge-based guidance to enable better outcomes for the families
  • provision of the right support to families to enable the best outcomes for children.  Whether that's stepping up to social care or stepping down to early Help
  • the amendment and addressing of plans within ongoing early help assessments
  • the handing out of work coming into social care, where it's clear that the details don't meet the threshold for intervention.  This goes to the early help specialist so that it can be fed into the Early Help Panel.