Thresholds for intervention guidance

The threshold guide describes levels of concern for children, young people and their families.

All organisations need to have in place suitable supervisory or advisory arrangements for staff involved in the process of identifying children and young people with additional needs.  The use of this guide and these processes will have two main benefits:

  • consistent application of definitions
  • promotion and maintenance of good practice.

Managers and supervisors will themselves need to have a good understanding of the processes and this needs to be established as one of the core competencies during recruitment and selection.

Threshold guide

The guide is set out in a way that reflects the structure of the EHA, as well as age bands.  It should be used to inform good practice, but not as a definitive statement of thresholds for concern.  There may well be circumstances that are not covered in this section or particular issues that lead to a professional judgement which result in a different conclusion.

How to use the guide

  • Use it as a guide, not a prescription.  It should prompt you to think more clearly and interpret the situation
  • Try to see the whole situation and weigh up all of the issues
  • Take advice when you are not sure
  • Share it with families as a way of expressing ideas and concerns

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