Education for children who can't attend school because of health needs

We provide a broad and balanced education for school age children in Barnsley. This includes those who have an illness, condition or diagnosis that leads to prolonged or recurring periods of absence from school.

If your child has such an illness or condition, ask their school to make a referral to us. 

What your child will receive

Your child will normally get a minimum entitlement of five hours a week. This depends on medical advice and if they’re well enough to benefit from teaching.

Tuition normally takes place on a one-to-one basis. This will be in the child's school or setting if appropriate, or in a local public space. We’ll also consider if small group tuition or using an accredited e-learning programme would be better.

Your child's school is your first point of contact. They'll need to submit a referral to us. All schools should have a policy and named person to help pupils who are unable to attend because of medical needs.

Guidance for local authorities

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