SACRE membership

These are the current members of SACRE:

Group A

Christian and other religious denominations to reflect the principal religious traditions in the area (10 places)

  • Mrs Linda Stammers (Methodist - Barnsley Circuit)

Group B

Church of England (5 places)

  • Mrs Jenny Witty (Chair) (The Diocese of Leeds)
  • Mrs Jo Wiles (Vice Chair) (The Diocese of Leeds)
  • Mrs Gillian Bunn (The Diocese of Leeds)
  • Mrs Nina Platts (The Diocese of Leeds)

Group C

Teaching Association (5 places)

  • Mrs Carol Turner (ATL)
  • Mrs Kelda Evans (NEU)
  • Ms Fiona Winterburn (NEU)
  • Mr Alex Townsend (NEU)

Group D

Local authority representatives (5 places)

  • Councillor Kevin Williams
  • Councillor Sarah Tattersall
  • Councillor Tim Shepherd
  • Councillor John Wilson


Dr Christopher Ingham (Humanist Association)


Mr Roger Holmes