SACRE (religious education)

Every council must have a Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) by law. This is responsible for advising the council on religious education (RE) and collective worship in its schools.

Although RE is not a national curriculum subject, the 1988 Education Reform Act confirmed that it is a compulsory part of the curriculum for all students.

What SACRE does

  • Requires Barnsley Council to review the RE agreed syllabus every five years. The next revision will be in 2025.
  • Monitors the provision of RE and collective worship in Barnsley schools.
  • Produces an annual report including the work of SACRE and Barnsley schools.
  • Considers applications from headteachers for their school to be released from the requirement for collective worship to be 'wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character'. This is known as a determination.
  • Supports RE teachers.
  • Supports governors with a responsibility for RE.

How SACRE works

The Barnsley SACRE meets once every school term. It has four main committees:

  • Christian and other religious denominations reflecting the principal religious traditions in the area (Group A)
  • Church of England (Group B)
  • Teaching associations (Group C)
  • Council representatives (Group D)

SACRE membership

These are the current members of SACRE:

Group A

Christian and other religious denominations to reflect the principle religious traditions in the area (10 places):

  • Imam Abdul Aziz (Barnsley Mosque)
  • Mrs Linda Stammers (Methodist – Barnsley Circuit)

Group B

Church of England (5 places):

  • Mrs Jo Wiles (Chair) (Leeds Diocese)
  • Mrs Jenny Witty (Vice Chair) (Leeds Diocese)
  • Mrs Gillian Bunn (Leeds Diocese)
  • Mrs Nina Platts (Leeds Diocese)
  • Mrs Carol Turner (Leeds Diocese)

Group C

Teaching Association (5 places):

  • Mrs Kelda Evans (NEU)
  • Miss Helen James (NEU)
  • Mrs Sarah Lees (NEU)
  • Mrs Rosie Needham (NEU)
  • Mrs Jane Race (VOICE)

Group D

LA Representatives (5 places)

  • Councillor Pauline Markham
  • Councillor Tim Shepherd
  • Councillor Sarah Tattersall
  • Councillor Sherry Holling
  • Councillor Pauline McCarthy


  • Miss Jill Woollands (NEU)


  • Roger Holmes

SACRE documents