Secondary school places

If your child was born between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013, you can apply online for a place at secondary school for them from 1 September 2023. This will be for the academic year starting in September 2024.

Take a look at our admissions to school booklet before you apply for a secondary school place for your child.

If you live in Barnsley

You can include up to three schools on your application. You should rank these in order of your preference – first, second and third.

Your preference can include any secondary school in England. If the school you prefer is outside of Barnsley, please check with the council in that area for their admissions criteria.

If one of your preferred schools is Holy Trinity, you must also complete the Holy Trinity supplementary application form. The form can be attached to your application or handed into the school.

If you’re applying for a place at a voluntary aided school in the following areas, you must also complete their supplementary form and hand this into the relevant school:

If you live outside Barnsley

If you don’t live in Barnsley, don’t use the Barnsley online system to apply for a secondary school place. Contact the school admissions service at your local council for details of how to apply.

Tips for completing your application

  • Ensure you apply online and on time.
  • Use the address that you're currently living at. If you move house after you've applied, please contact us for advice.
  • If you're asked to provide a copy of a document confirming your child is registered at your address, you can use any of the following:
    • Child Benefit letter
    • information relating to Working Tax Credit or Childcare Tax Credit
    • letter from your doctor, for a hospital appointment, or dentist
    • child's bank statement
    • medical card

Trinity Academy St Edward's

Trinity Academy St Edward’s opened in September 2021. It has a fair banding admissions policy.

You should register your child for the fair banding assessment if Trinity Academy St Edward’s is one of your preferences.

To find out more, visit the Trinity Academy St Edward’s website

Apply for a secondary school place

For your child to start secondary school in September 2024, you should apply for a place by 31 October 2023. You can apply online.

Applications received up to and including 30 November 2023 will be accepted as on time.

If you're unable to apply online, please contact us for advice.

You can still apply online for a school place after the closing date, but your application won't be processed until after offer day on 1 March 2024.

What happens next 

We’ll get in touch with you on 1 March 2024. We'll tell you the name of the school where we can offer your child a secondary school place. If you provided an email address, you'll receive your offer letter by email. Alternatively, a letter will be posted to you.

  • If a place is available at your first preference school - we’ll offer your child a place there.

  • If there are only places available at your second or third preference schools - we’ll offer your child a place at one of these. We'll also place your child’s name on the waiting lists of any schools you’ve ranked higher.

  • If places are available at more than one of the schools you prefer - we’ll offer your child a place at the school you’ve ranked highest.

  • If places aren’t available at any of the schools you prefer - we’ll offer your child a place at the school or academy nearest to your address that has places available.

If you've made other arrangements for your child’s education and don’t need the place offered, you must tell us in writing within 10 working days of receiving your offer. You'll need to confirm the other arrangements you've made for your child's education.

Making an appeal

If you don’t get a place for your child at the school you prefer, you can appeal to an independent panel. To do this, you need to fill in a notice of appeal (this includes an information booklet) and send this to us by 12 April 2024.

Appeals will normally be held between April and July 2024.

Find out more about school admissions appeals.

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