Schools Forum

All councils are required by government to have a Schools Forum.

The Schools Forum acts as both a consultative and decision making body where schools can put forward their views to the council on matters such as:

  • the allocation and distribution of funding
  • supplies and services
  • arrangements for special educational needs
  • the use of pupil referral units
  • free school meals
  • the funding of early years provision.

The Schools Forum is made up of representatives from schools and academies, as well as other non-school organisations, such as nursery and 14-19 education providers.

You can take a look at our Local Guide to the Barnsley Schools Forum which includes it's constitution and terms of reference, together with further detail on how it aspires to discharge it's role and responsibilities under the Schools Forum (England) Regulations (2012). 

Constitution and terms of reference

The forum is required to operate under a formal constitution, which includes details of its membership, terms of reference and procedures.

Virtual Meetings schedule 2021/22

Dates for the meetings of the School Forum during 2021/22 are as follows: 

You can read minutes of previous meetings here.


Schools Forum members receive allowances for things like financial loss and travel. Full details are included in the Guidance on Allowances for Schools Forum Members.

Scheme for financing schools

The Scheme for Financing Schools document sets out the financial relationship between the council and maintained schools. It details the provisions schools are expected to adhere to along with recommended best practice. It is advised that any internal control (eg scheme of delegation) or procedure documents maintained by schools are reviewed and brought in line with the Scheme (where it is appropriate and there is a clear reference or link to the scheme).