Protect Duty

About Martyn's Law

Martyn’s Law is pending UK wide legislation. It will place a requirement on those responsible for certain publicly accessible locations to:

• consider the threat from terrorism.
• implement the appropriate and proportionate mitigation measures. 

Who the law will apply to

The government have suggested that the law will apply to publicly accessible locations with a capacity of more than one hundred people that are used for:

• food and drink 
• museums 
• entertainment and leisure
• retail
• sports stadiums 
• public areas of local and central government buildings
• visitor attractions 
• health
• education
• places of worship

What the law will require you to do

You'll need to undertake activities to improve protective security and preparedness. 

These activities will include:

• completing free training
• raising awareness
• cascading information to staff
• completing a preparedness plan

Publicly accessible locations with a capacity of more than eight hundred people will also be required to produce a risk assessment and security plan. 

How you can prepare 

There hasn't been a date set for the introduction of Martyn's Law yet.

To prepare you can: