Making smoking invisible

We're committed to see the next generation of children growing up in Barnsley in a place free from tobacco and where smoking is unusual. This is part of the regional Breathe 2025 campaign to create a smokefree generation. You can read more about Breathe 2025 and make your own pledge to help us to achieve this.  

What we've done so far

Smokefree areas in barnsley

We have a range of voluntary smokefree areas that have been successfully rolled out across our borough, primarily to help make smoking invisible to children and young people.  This will help to de-normalise smoking to reduce the number of people taking up smoking in the first place.

After speaking with the public, we've successfully brought in smokefree playparks, smokefree town centre zones(PALs Square) smokefree markets and smokefree primary schools. All with the aim to make smoking invisible in Barnsley.

Further plans are in place to add more smokefree areas and we'll speak to the public again for this, all helping to protect our children and young people from the harms of tobacco.

Schemes to make smoking invisible

We’ve recently launched two pilot schemes offering financial motives to help support pregnant women and Barnsley College students to quit smoking.

These pilots, which will run until spring 2023, build on the support and advice already offered by Barnsley Hospital’s maternity stop smoking service and the college’s friendly health and wellbeing team.

For more information about the pilots, please read our recent media releases promoting the launch of the pilots supporting pregnant women and local students.