Infectious diseases

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) (formerly Public Health England) aims to detect and control possible outbreaks of infectious diseases.

Notification of infectious diseases is the term used to refer to the statutory duties for reporting notifiable diseases. Find out more about infectious diseases.

Managing infectious diseases in children and young people settings (including education)

Many infectious diseases can be managed by the following measures:

  • Encouraging all people who are unwell not to attend the setting or remain separate from others, wherever possible - further guidance on exclusion periods is available for specific infectious diseases.
  • Making sure all eligible groups are enabled and supported to take up the offer of immunisation programmes including coronavirus (COVID-19) and flu.
  • Making sure occupied spaces are well ventilated and let fresh air in.
  • Reinforcing good hygiene practices such as frequent cleaning and hand hygiene.
  • Requesting that parents, carers or students inform the setting of a diagnosis of any infectious disease.