Training and development

We're committed to continuous professional development.

We have a strong training offer for staff at all levels. This includes access to training such as:

  • Voice of the Child. This includes Care 4 Us Council.
  • Parent Assess
  • Practice Educator
  • Graded Care Profile 2
  • Achieving best evidence
  • Signs of Safety
  • Safe and Together
  • Direct Work Skills
  • Adverse Child Experiences
  • Lucy Faithful training around assessment of persons posing risk
  • External training delivered by Martin Calder, Jan Horwarth, Dr Karen Treisman and Coram BAAF

Supporting you

You'll receive regular, high quality, reflective case supervisions from a supportive and nurturing management team. ASYE workers also receive supervision from a dedicated ASYE Assessor and informal supervision from an advanced practitioner as required.

You'll receive monthly professional supervision. We'll explore your general wellbeing, training needs, performance and any other business you want to discuss. And you can always access support from your line manager.

Your progression

We're passionate about the progression of our social workers. Through annual reviews we'll support you to develop your career. We'll help you achieve your ambitions in line with your skills, knowledge and experience.

We have monthly progression panels. Here, line managers identify staff who are ready to progress in line with their job description.

Child on a bike

Our Practice Development Hub

As well as managing the Social Work Academy the Practice Development Hub offers so much more.

This dedicated team are made up of a team manager and five advanced practitioners.. 

You'll have their support throughout your career with us including:

  • One to one support, coaching and mentoring around specific pieces of work.
  • Support for NQSWS social work apprenticeships, step up programmes and student support.
  • Working with the QA service to ensure that our support and training offer is linked into learning from audit.
  • Workshops and training sessions delivered as stand alone sessions and during team meetings.
  • Bi-monthly development forums that include speakers who are experts in their area of practice.
  • Regular drop-in sessions at social work offices to offer on the spot support as needed.
  • Dedicated Sharepoint site that includes good practice examples, assessment tools and policies and practice standards.

In addition, the team are a key part of the induction process for new starters. They'll make sure your first few days are as supported as possible.

They're passionate about improving the lives of children. They also strive to ensure you have the knowledge and support you need to deliver on this vision.

Barnsley Childrens Social Work Academy

Social Work Academy: Empowering children’s social workers: the Barnsley way

Barnsley Social Work Academy aims to provide a high-quality and consistent programme of learning and development for children’s social workers.

We offer a wide range of support at every stage including:

  • Students on placement.
  • Social workers at the beginning of their careers.
  • Staff who are mentoring and supporting others.

We're incredibly proud of the work our social workers do. We'll make sure you get the support and development you need to succeed in your role and career.

Aims of the Social Work Academy

We aim to:

  • Promote staff wellbeing and resilience
  • Support career development
  • Promote equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Recognise good practice and learning from feedback
  • Improve and sustain good outcomes for our children and families
  • Promote Barnsley as an employer of choice to improve staff retention
  • Increase the profile of children’s social care careers through monthly workshops to Barnsley College students. We also aim to attend career fairs across the borough and link into our secondary schools.
  • Continue to develop close links with higher education such as Sheffield University, Sheffield Hallam University and Huddersfield University.
  • Value an inclusive workplace, where diversity, including neuro diversity, is respected and celebrated.
  • Make sure all of our students and workers within children's services are treated with fairness and equity.
  • Advocate for anti-discriminatory and anti-racist practice.