Find your perfect role

Whatever skills you have, there's a career in care perfect for you.

Some roles may involve personal care, like washing, bathing and dressing, or helping people to get around and run errands. Others could involve helping people to stay active and access services in their community.

We have roles available for those looking to offer physical and emotional support, or to help ensure services and care homes run smoothly.

You can take a look at some of the types of roles available in care below, or find a role in care to search current opportunities.

Types of role

Care assistant

Care assistants can work in either residential settings or offer support in people’s homes. Duties include:

  • helping people get up or go to bed
  • serving meals
  • assisting people to take part in activities and hobbies
  • personal care and support emotional wellbeing

Support workers

Support workers are similar to care assistants but there's more focus on independent living. They can either work in residential homes or may work for individuals in their own home. In addition to the role of the care assistant, duties may include:

  • providing help in organising and attending appointments
  • processing bills or helping with housing and advice
  • helping people go shopping and getting out to do things they enjoy

Team leader/senior carer

The role of team leader/senior carer would include the duties of a care assistant but also hold some additional responsibilities such as:

  • supporting and encouraging a team of care assistants
  • completing reviews of staff and ensuring they're delivering quality care
  • any additional duties assigned by the home manager
  • regularly assessing service users and looking for changes in their care needs

Deputy/assistant manager

The role of deputy/assistant care manager can be based either in a residential home or as a manager of a team of carers for a domiciliary care provider. Duties include:

  • managing and co-ordinating the day-to-day running of the service
  • ensuring high levels of care and service being offered by staff
  • working with other care/health professionals
  • monitoring and upholding quality standards of the service
  • supporting the registered manager

Rota coordinators

Rota coordinators are responsible for ensuring a service is fully staffed at all times. This involves putting together shift patterns for each member of staff and identifying any issues. Duties include:

  • raising any staffing issues and absences
  • arranging cover for shifts needed
  • working with local agencies to find staff if cover not available

Other roles

Other roles could include:

  • administration
  • finance
  • HR
  • marketing

Shared Lives carer

There are also opportunities in Barnsley to be a Shared Lives carer. This is where a carer opens up their home and family lives to include a young person or adult who needs extra support to live well. Being a Shared Lives carer can be incredible rewarding.  

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