Why working in care could be for you

If you’re passionate about helping people, working in care could be for you!

Our care workers help to support and improve the lives and wellbeing of people of all ages, whether that’s in the community or a care home setting. If you have strong values and the right attitude, apply for one of the varied care roles currently available in Barnsley.

The people you would be caring for and supporting could include adults with learning disabilities, physical impairments, dementia or those who need mental health support. Your caring and compassionate nature would support people to:

  • remain living independently in their own homes
  • live in residential or nursing care homes
  • be an active part of their community.

The roles offer lots of opportunities for you to develop your skills and some offer flexible working hours that can fit around your studies or family commitments.

The NHS and Barnsley Council has just approved additional investment into a range of health and social care services ahead of this winter. £1.39 million will be spent to bring forward the national living wage increase for those working in the care sector across Barnsley.

This builds on our commitment to ensuring that care providers working under contracts with the council are able to pay their care staff £1 above the national living wage.

Read more about our investment

Training and development

Have no experience in health and care? Don’t worry – our partners will support you with all the training you need to get started in your new role. They'll take an active interest in your development, making sure you're learning the right skills and working towards qualifications which will benefit you.

There are lots of opportunities to progress your care career in Barnsley, including pursuing additional qualifications in your chosen field. If you already have qualifications and experience working in care, there's plenty of opportunities for progressing your career in Barnsley. Your employers will be here to help.

What some of our carers say

Chapel View

“I love my job. I’m so glad that Panaceon gave me the opportunity to show them what I can do. I find working in care very rewarding and I love spending time with the residents and making sure they have everything they want and need. My favourite part of my job is seeing our lovely residents smile every day – I can’t wait to walk into work every morning.”
Dawn Heaversedge - Deputy Manager

“I was so happy to return to Panaceon. I am glad I made the decision to come back as I love the residents and I enjoy spending time with them and looking after them. I look forward to coming to work every morning and find my job extremely rewarding.”
Michelle Osbourne - Senior Carer

Emerald Care Services

"After several years of feeling unappreciated and undervalued, I found Emerald Care Services. They showed me why it'd never worked out with any other employer before. They're person-centred and allow us the flexibility to reach our full potential, as well as the people we support. They're caring and value their staff. This promotes us as staff giving 100% to the people we're supporting. I love my job as it helps me feel fulfilled, and gives me a sense of fulfilment."
Rhea Clive - Team Leader

Prospect House

"I've worked at Prospect House Care Home for sixteen years now. Prospect House is a care home for the elderly who have dementia. I started work as a domestic and have developed into a well-established Senior Care. Prospect House strives to provide excellent care that always focuses on the residents. The manager and provider encourage and support career and personal development throughout. The provider operates a perk-box scheme in recognition of the dedication and commitment of its staff."
Janet Simms - Senior Care

"I've worked at Prospect House for eighteen years. Before this I'd worked in other care homes and cannot compare the standard of care provided at Prospect. Prospect House is very home from home and operates a very positive culture amongst the staff and the residents. It's a really good place to work and I'd highly recommend any job vacancies that become available."
Michaela Turner-Archer - Senior Care

Strong Life Care

"I'm Margaret Shaw and I've been working in care for 26 years. I enjoy working in care to ensure the residents are looked after and to keep them safe and seeing how happy they are; it's so rewarding. You get to see the difference you make. There are more elderly people admitted into care homes; the job is very rewarding and the residents and families appreciate what's being done for their families. I think people will get true job satisfaction from working in a care home as you really do become part of their life."
Margaret Shaw

"I've worked in care for 14 years and I love and I enjoy working in care - helping and caring for the elderly and individuals to keep them safe. Everyday is different and I love it. I would encourage other people to join the care sector and work in a care home as you can help people. As a carer in a care home you help to keep them safe and promote independence."
Heather Turton, Care Assistant 

 "I've worked in care for six years. I really enjoy taking care of the residents, making sure their needs are met. I would always choose to work in care because lots of elderly people need looking after and it's very rewarding and nice to be appreciated."
Carol Brannon

 "I'm Shelly Smith and I've worked in care for 14 years. I enjoy helping and caring for other people and helping to keep them safe. I love working in care because it is satisfying and each day is different and very rewarding."
Shelly Smith 

"I've worked in care for eight years I really love working in care because I enjoy interaction with residents, being innovative with the activities I deliver and being able to make residents smile. I consider working in care to be more of a vacation than other means of employment I've had in the past. I'd encourage others to join the care sector because this sector is under strain and needs people to deliver the requirements of offering the service to care for our elderly. It can be a very rewarding job. If the care sector didn't get the staff to care for the elderly then that maybe us in the future."
Gayle Rodway

 "I've been in care for just seven months which isn’t very long! I love working in care and working with different personalities; some days are more challenging than others but you always have a great team behind you! I love my job and I wouldn’t trade it for anything - it’s like having a second family. More people should come into care because it’s so rewarding to know that everyday you're helping someone for the better and that’s something to be proud of."
Georgia Myers

"I've worked in care since 1998. I began my career as a care assistant at 16 years of age. I progressed to become a nurse in hospital, but found myself drawn back to life in a care home simply because you really get to build relationships with your residents and colleagues. I find that working in care homes is so rewarding because not only do you get to really know the people you care for, but you know them so well that you can provide total care in their final days with genuine and sincere empathy. I also think that a special bond is built with the people you work with in a care home setting is extremely special because you all have to work together in extremely difficult circumstances, and quickly form a trust between each other.”
Michael Dudley-Smith

Ward Green Lodge

"My name is Michelle Swallow, I am a deputy manager at Ward Green Lodge care home in Barnsley. I've been delivering care for the last 20 years, which I strive to do to the best of my ability. I've worked for Ward Green Lodge for the last five and a half years. I've advanced from senior carer to deputy manager in this time. It's a job that I strive to do with all my heart and I treat my residents like I'd want someone to treat my own parents. I take pride in my work; my passion comes from my heart, not my pocket. I could not see myself doing another job. I enjoy coming to work every day and looking after our residents."
Michelle Swallow, Deputy Manager

"My name is Steve Turp, I work as a caretaker for Ward Green Lodge. Having worked as caretaker at Ward Green Lodge for three years now, I can vouch for the professionalism of the carers that work around the clock to keep the residents safe and well, having witnessed it first-hand. I've seen frail, new residents enter this care home and throughout their stay, flourish and enjoy a safe and comfortable life."
Steve Turp, Caretaker

"My name is Jonathan Higgins and I'm a care assistant at Ward Green Lodge care home in Barnsley. I've worked in care for five years and have recently returned to the profession. I enjoy my job immensely; I find it rewarding to make a positive impact on somebody else’s life. After leaving the profession for three years, I felt like it was time to return to the job I enjoyed doing the most. The support I receive from my colleagues and management ensures that I can give the best level of support to the service users at Ward Green Lodge."
Jonathan Higgins, Care Assistant

"My name Erica Walker - I work as a housekeeper at Ward Green Lodge care home. I have worked at Ward Green Lodge for three months, and I thoroughly enjoy being part of the resident’s daily routine. I enjoy making a difference to the residents lives, in keeping their rooms clean to the highest standards. I enjoy having a chat with the residents that I meet while doing my job and chatting about their pasts. We all work happily as a team at Ward Green Lodge, and I have built up confidence to share any worries or concerns with management."
Erica Walker, Housekeeper

"I've worked in care now for nearly two years and my admiration for this area of work has risen immensely. I've always worked in a supportive job role throughout my career but moving into the care sector has opened my eyes to what a rewarding, if emotional, area it is to work in. All my colleagues put 100% into their jobs and take their duty of care very seriously. I've found the work rewarding and very fulfilling. The skills and under pinning knowledge that are used by myself and my colleagues are breath-taking. The work is hard both physically and emotionally, but the rewards make it something that is wholly worth doing. I personally have found my respect and belief that working in care is something that attracts a certain kind of person and that this person is closer to an angel then anything I know."
Diane Jones, Kitchen Assistant

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