Working for us

We're an award-winning council serving around 227,000 people in South Yorkshire and by far the biggest employer in the borough. We have a highly regarded track record of delivering excellent services and responding to the many challenges and needs that the borough faces.

We work together to make Barnsley better for everyone. For our communities and employees, that means a lean council with a shared vision, renewed sense of direction and a collaborative, people-first culture.

We call it Future Council, and it's already producing results: higher-performing schools, increased investment, more local jobs and a revitalised town centre. It’s a bold strategy - one we’re all committed to – whatever our individual profession. 

A job with us is about delivering excellence while achieving your potential. If you join our friendly and welcoming team, you’ll benefit from flexibility, clear direction and the encouragement and support you need to lead in your field. As well as realising your own ambitions, you’ll share our vision for the future of Barnsley and work hard to make it a reality.

Our vision and values

Our vision is 'to work together for a brighter future, a better Barnsley', with a thriving and vibrant economy, strong, resilient communities, and citizens who achieve their potential. 

You can read about our vision and values, and the behaviours we expect from all our employees. We may ask you about them if you're invited for interview.

Our priorities

Thriving and vibrant economy

People achieving their potential

Strong and resilient communities

One Council

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