Private hire operator licences

If you currently run, or want to start to running, a taxi business in the Barnsley borough where bookings are taken from customers and recorded by the operator, you'll need a licence to do this.

We'll grant you a licence if:

  • we're satisfied that you're a fit and proper person to hold such a licence; and
  • we're sure that the operation of the business will not cause a nuisance or obstruction problems to neighbouring premises.


A one-year private hire operator licence is £63, and a five-year licence is £127.

The same fee applies regardless of the number of vehicles operating.

Apply for or renew an operator licence

To apply for a new operator licence you need to:

  • pass a basic DBS check issued within 28 days of the date you submit your licence application
  • confirm your tax responsibilities by either:
    • confirming you're aware of your tax registration obligations (Pay As You Earn, Self Assessment and/or Corporation Tax obligations) if you're applying for an operator licence for the first time, or if you've previously held a licence but this ceased to be valid over a year ago; or
    • providing a tax check code generated from the GOV.UK website if you've previously held an operator licence that ceased to be valid less than a year ago, or if you already hold an operator licence with another licensing authority
  • provide a photographic proof of identity, such as a valid passport, driving licence or UK residence card
  • have permission from the landlord if you're going to run the business from a council house or other rented property
  • provide evidence that planning permission is either not required, or has been granted, for the premises you want to use. Any fees for this are separate to the operator licence fee.

If you already have an operator licence and want to renew it, your existing basic DBS check certificate must be valid on the date your current operator licence expires. If not, you must have a new basic DBS check completed and upload a copy of your new certificate as part of your renewal application. You'll also need to provide a tax check code generated from the GOV.UK website, to confirm you're registered for tax.

If your application's successful we'll email your new licence to you. You'll usually receive this within 10 working daysWe'll email you if we need any more information from you to process your application.

If your application's not successful we'll email you to let you know the reason for our decision.