Assets of community value and right to bid

Parish councils and qualifying community groups can write to us to nominate land and/or buildings as assets of community value. 

If the nomination is successful there'll be legal limitations on the sale of the asset, in particular delays on the power to enter into agreements to sell the asset. This enables community groups and/or the parish council to have the opportunity to put together a bid to purchase the asset. This is known as community right to bid.

Being listed as an asset of community value may also be a material consideration in the determination of planning applications.

How to make a nomination for a building or land to be an asset of community value

Please complete the application form and return it to us by: 

We'll make a decision within eight weeks of us receiving sufficient information for a lawful nomination to have been made.

List of assets of community value

We are required to publish the following lists for Assets of Community Value and Community Right to Bid:

Intended sale of assets of community value

If an asset is listed, and we receive notification from the owner of an intended sale or disposal of the asset, community groups will have the opportunity to indicate, in writing, to the council whether they wish to be considered a potential bidder. 

They must do so within six weeks of the notification of intended sale ('the interim moratorium period').  If no potential bidders come forward during the interim moratorium period, the owner is free to sell.

If a potential bidder comes forward within the interim moratorium period, the owner is prevented from selling or disposing for six months from the date they notified the council of their intended sale ('the full moratorium period').  This gives the community group time to put together a bid.  If a bid is made, the owner is not obliged to sell to the community group.

There is also a 'protected period' of 18 months from the time that the owner notified the local authority of their intention to sell the asset; during this time there can be no further moratoriums.

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