Our corporate plan

Our Corporate Plan for 2017-20 sets out what we aim to achieve over three years to improve outcomes for our customers and the community. It explains what we want to do, how we plan to do it, and how we'll measure whether we're on track to achieve it.

The plan also highlights what we've achieved over the last three years, as well as identifying what our challenges are.

Our priorities

Our three main priorities haven't changed much since we published our last plan:

  • thriving and vibrant economy
  • people achieving their potential
  • strong and resilient communities

We still feel that these areas warrant greater attention, emphasis, and possibly resources, to influence other areas of activity and make the greatest impact overall, so this is where we'll focus our performance management and reporting arrangements to keep a closer eye on how well we're doing.

Performance management

Our performance management framework includes regular progress and performance reports against the Corporate Plan.

Check the council performance section of our website for the latest report.