Positive Climate Partnership

The Positive Climate Partnership champions and co-ordinates local action on climate change, bringing together individuals and organisations who collectively will impact and build momentum around the zero carbon goal.

The Positive Climate Partnership, with the help of the borough's key stakeholders, works to reduce carbon emissions; whilst creating opportunities to improve residents’ lives through greater employment, improving homes, improving air quality, increasing sustainable travel opportunities, protecting and improving biodiversity, and reducing health inequalities. 

The Positive Climate Partnership has a range of functions. These include:

  • Reporting to the Barnsley 2030 Place Board on matters relating to Zero45 
  • Monitoring delivery of carbon reduction targets for Zero45 
  • Providing a forum with an independent voice to co-ordinate and champion local action to tackle the climate crisis 
  • Helping to grow the wider network of interest 
  • Gathering and present data to inform action with a set of indicators to show if we are making progress 
  • Producing annual reports on local progress that consider actions taken in partnership and any gap between actual and necessary reductions in emissions 
  • Arranging review panels on climate strategy topics where progress is limited. These panels will review the evidence and make further recommendations for action 

The Positive Climate Partnership reports to the Barnsley 2030 board. The council supports the partnership, but it is independent. The partnership meets four to five times a year.