How we measure our performance

Our Council Plan for 2021 to 2024 sets out what we aim to achieve over three years. Our plan gives us a clear direction to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and build our borough back better and fairer. It focuses on how we collectively deliver our services across the council to best support residents, communities, partners and business. It explains what we want to do, how we plan to do it, and how we'll measure whether we're on track to achieve it.

The Council Plan has been developed by the work that has taken place for the Barnsley 2030 project.  This has been  through a series of activities with residents, businesses, employees and other key stakeholders across the borough.  It helps to build a picture of what Barnsley is like now and want it to be like by 2030. 

Our priorities

We have five new priorities which are supported by 12 outcomes. In addition, 63 critical success factors (key performance indicators) have been aligned to the outcomes to allow us to assess out performance against each outcome.

  • Healthy BarnsleyPeople can access all the care and support they need, at the right time and in the right place.
  • Learning BarnsleyThe opportunities available for young and adult learners mean that everyone can fulfil their learning potential. Helping them build the skills they need to get into work and progress their careers.
  • Growing BarnsleyBarnsley is an inclusive place where everyone can find suitable employment, live in a high quality home that's right for them. Be able to access the fast and affordable digital resources they need.
  • Sustainable BarnsleyProtecting our borough for future generations.
  • Enabling Barnsley - Our priority to ensure that our council is modern, inclusive, efficient, productive and high-performing.

Performance management

This report is a supplementary narrative report to the quarterly dashboard which provides more detail in relation to performance for the for the quarter.

It's important to review the quarterly dashboard report in addition to reading this narrative report. It provides a detailed review of each of our critical success factors including a red, amber and green(RAG) rating. This RAG rating is applied to each of our critical success factors(CSF), which tracks our progress to achieving our vision of Barnsley, the place of possibilities.

Each CSF falls under one of our 12 outcomes, which in turn feeds into one of our five priorities (Healthy, Learning, Growing, Sustainable and Enabling Barnsley). 

We track the progress of each CSF over the year and report on them quarterly where applicable, and provide commentary on the progress of the indicator.

Reviewing the online dashboard will help to provide context on where we're achieving our targets, and where there are areas for improvement.

Quarter 2 2022/23

Healthy Barnsley CPR Header

Key outcomes 

  • People are safe and feel safe.
  • People live independently with good physical and mental health for as long as possible.
  • We have reduced inequalities in health and income across the borough.

Case studies 

Falls week 2022 - 21 September 2022

With partners across Yorkshire and the Humber we celebrated our annual falls week in late September. Falls are a common and serious problem for older people. Seriously impacting their health and independence. To help people stay safe and steady this winter, we used falls week to promote the simple things older people can do to reduce their risk of falling. On Wednesday 21 September, Barnsley U3A helped us celebrate falls week by offering free functional fitness MOTs outside The Glass Works. Through a few simple checks, they helped people understand how they can improve their strength, balance and flexibility.

Our Barnsley Older People Physical Activity Alliance (BOPPAA) also offer a wide range of fun activities in our communities to help get older people moving.

Funded by Barnsley Council and led by Age UK Barnsley the Alliance ran free taster sessions throughout the week. Residents were given the opportunity to try out the wide range of activities they offer.

Barnsley's new Children in Care and Care Leavers Strategy 2022-25

Cabinet members have approved the new Children in Care and Care Leavers Strategy for 2022-25. The strategy describes the support available for care experienced young people and young people leaving care. Also our ambitions to help them achieve their potential in Barnsley. The expectations have been co-produced with young people, and we'll work with them on an action plan. This will help us drive work forward and track what we're doing and what we need to do more of. It's important that the action plan is drafted and led by children and young people and what will work best for them. The strategy sets out expectations for children in care and leaving care. These are:

  • we will look after you in a safe and caring home
  • we will promote, support, and respect your identity
  • we will make sure you get a good education
  • we will support you to be healthy
  • we will prepare you for the future and we will involve you in making it happen

Getting help with the rising cost of living 

The rising cost of living is a concern for everyone, and we’re doing what we can to offer help and support. We’ve launched the More Money in your Pocket which provides details and advice for anyone who needs support in managing the rising cost of living. It's also a great resource to direct our customers to if they're having financial difficulty. The page includes details about support with housing, utility bills, food and budgeting. Also details on support services to help with your mental health and improve your skills.

New smoke free zone launched at Barnsley College 

To help mark the start of Stoptober, we have proudly partnered with Barnsley College to launch a new smoke free space at their Old Mill Lane campus. Launched on Friday 30 September, the new smoke free college site builds on the success of our other smoke free zones across the borough. Since 2017, we've helped make smoking invisible in Barnsley by creating smoke free playparks, town centre zones, primary schools, roads and high streets. These voluntary smoke free spaces are designed to help de-normalise smoking in our borough for our children and young people. To celebrate the smoke free college launch, artwork by a Barnsley College A-Level student has been installed around the campus to encourage people not to smoke. 

Review highlights great working happening to keep adults safe in Barnsley 

Barnsley's Safeguarding Adults Board has received fantastic feedback for their work to keep adults safe in a recent peer review. The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) found that our Safeguarding Adults Board effectively prevents abuse and works with people to stop harm. Several areas of outstanding practice were highlighted as part of the report.  This included:

  • our work to support people struggling with self-neglect and hoarding
  • our commitment to partnership working and keeping people safe
  • our free multi agency safeguarding training offer
  • our commitment to supporting local responses.

The reviewers also praised the key role councillors play in identifying and addressing local safeguarding issues.

Joining Forces summer event 

This summer's Joining Forces event showcased the emergency services that work together across the borough. Residents were given the opportunity to take a seat in blue light vehicles, watch live demonstrations, try out the climbing tower and meet front line services. The event brought together emergency services including South Yorkshire Police, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue.  Also Yorkshire Ambulance Service, the Underwater Police Search Team and Mountain Rescue. Participants included:

  • the local Barnsley Central Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT)
  • a vehicle from the Roads Policing Group team
  • Barney the OK9 wellbeing dog from South Yorkshire Police
  • an engine from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • an ambulance and response vehicle from Yorkshire Ambulance Service, providing CPR demonstrations
  • Yorkshire Air Ambulance team with a simulator exhibition vehicle.

Achievements and highlights 

  • New smoke free zone launched at Barnsley College to help make smoking invisible. 
  • Barnsley's Safeguarding Adults Board receive fantastic feedback in their latest Association of Directors of Adults Social Services (ADASS) peer review.  
  • New Children in Care and Care Leavers Strategy published with expectations co produced by young people. 
  • Barnsley Council partners with Barnsley FC for World Suicide Prevention Day 2022.

Learning Barnsley CPR Header

Key outcomes 

  • People have the opportunities for lifelong learning and developing new skills including access to apprenticeships.
  • Children and young people achieve the best outcomes through improved educational achievement and attainment.
  • People have access to early help and support.

Case studies 

Inclusion was on the agenda at our inspiring local SEND conference 

On Friday 1 July, we hosted a SEND Inclusion Conference, which was an inspiring and educational day for all. The day included fascinating key note speeches.  Included were Abigail Hawkins, from SENsible SENCO, and Linda Jordan, from the National Development Team for Inclusion. It was fantastic to hear from leaders in our local schools. Including a primary inclusion key note speech delivered by Tamara Gulliver, Deputy CEO of St Mary’s Academy Trust.  Also the  secondary inclusion key note speech came from Claire Huddart, Principal at Horizon Community College. There were networking opportunities and a choice of two workshops in the afternoon, including:

  • creating an autism-friendly classroom
  • emotion coaching
  • emotional based school avoidance
  • understanding behaviours
  • gathering the voice of the child or young person.

We closed the day with some fantastic speeches from Cassidy and Theo.  Who are  members of our SEND Youth Forum. Everyone was so impressed by their insight, confidence, and positivity.

Here’s some of the great feedback we received about the conference. “A really positive and valuable experience,” “Thought-provoking and inspiring,”.  “Great to see other professionals along with young people, parents and schools.

Excellent education for every Barnsley child

Cabinet members approved a refreshed Education Improvement Strategy 2022-25.  Coproduced by Barnsley Schools’ Alliance, at their meeting on Wednesday 13 July. The strategy has four overarching core principles and ten priorities to ensure children can achieve their potential. It provides a clear focus for education improvement over the next three years. Barnsley has made great improvements in local education. We’ve brought educational outcomes in line with or exceeding national levels. Barnsley Schools’ Alliance, a partnership between early years, schools, colleges, and the council, has led this work. We work together to continue to raise the quality of education and improve outcomes for children and young people in Barnsley. We’ll drive the strategy’s ten priorities through the Barnsley Schools’ Alliance sub-groups, namely the leadership capacity, quality of education, professional development and networking groups. We’ll track and evidence our impact using key performance indicators such as school attendance, attainment scores, SEND support, suspensions, and other metrics. The strategy will also work alongside the SEND Written Statement of Action, SEND and Alternative Provision Green Paper, Schools White Paper and the Schools Bill.

Barnsley pupils celebrate on GCSE results day 

Children across Barnsley received their GCSE results on Thursday 25 August. We’ve been collecting the GCSE results from schools across the borough, and we’re incredibly proud of the hard work of our Barnsley pupils.

This year, students have sat exams for their GCSEs. This is the first time since 2019, as in 2020 and 2021, students were given teacher assessed grades. Therefore, we’ve compared the stats from 2019 and 2022. We're pleased to share that we've seen improvements on all measures since 2019. As a borough average, pupils have achieved 2.3% higher in the Basics 4-9 in English and Maths (equivalent to the old grades A-C) compared to 2019. We’ve seen even higher increases in the Basics 5-9 in English and Maths (grades A- higher-level C).  With a 4.8% increase on 2019. However, there are some decreases compared to 2021’s teacher assessed grades.

Kickstart programme success 

Courtney had been looking for work but was struggling as she didn’t have enough experience. Her family didn’t have a computer growing up, and she hadn’t used one since she left school, so she wasn’t confident in applying for jobs. She wasn’t sure what to do until her work coach recommended placement with the council’s Environment and Transport team. Courtney began using the Microsoft suite to maintain spreadsheets and databases to ensure the service ran smoothly. Slowly her confidence grew, and she quickly became adept at using Excel and other software to help the team. The skills and experience gave Courtney the courage to apply for jobs she would never have considered before. Now, Courtney is preparing to start her new job and cannot wait to get started.

Barnsley Libraries launch a multi-lingual stories and rhymes book 

Barnsley Libraries celebrated the finale of the Stories from Around the World project. They launched a multi lingual book of stories, rhymes and songs representing different cultures and nationalities. Barnsley Libraries have been working together with the Feels Like Home group.  This includes asylum seekers, migrant workers and refugees, many of whom speak English as an additional language.

Over the past six months, 13 families from the Feels Like Home group have been sharing ideas. Including nursery rhymes and fairy tales from their countries and songs in their first language. The group has also enjoyed making puppets to help enhance their storytelling and created illustrations with the help of local artist Helen Boutle. The multi lingual Stories from Around the World book includes stories, rhymes and songs in 11 languages and is available at all Barnsley Libraries. The Stories from Around the World project was jointly funded by Creative Minds, through South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. Barnsley Libraries and Creative Minds have worked in partnership over the past two years bringing creative and uplifting projects to the borough.

Achievements and highlights 

  • In July, we hosted SEND inclusion conference, which was an inspiring and educational day for all. 
  • Barnsley Libraries sign up to the Family Arts Standards, a national accreditation for providing excellent family experiences. 
  • Barnsley pupils celebrate GCSE results day with improvements seen across all measures. 
  • Refreshed Education Improvement Strategy 2022-25 approved by cabinet. 

Growing Barnsley CPR Header

Key outcomes 

  • Business start ups and existing local businesses are supported to grow and attract new investment providing opportunities for all.
  • People have a welcoming safe and enjoyable town centre and Principal Towns as a destination for work, shopping, leisure and culture.
  • People are supported to have safe warm and welcoming homes.

Case studies 

Future focused plans to develop digital campus for town centre community 

Bold new plans to transform Barnsley’s landmark digital business district into a smart and sustainable urban village for the 21st century have been unveiled . The Seam digital campus in Barnsley town centre.   Home to two Digital Media Centres and Barnsley College’s SciTech building.  It's already established as a place where people set up and grow innovative tech businesses, explore new ideas, study and collaborate.

New plans for the site propose to add a range of accessible, inclusive and inspiring community facilities for the benefit of all. These will include an active travel hub for cyclists and walkers, a multi storey car park with 40 electric vehicle charging points.  Also new green public spaces and low carbon housing development. The Seam development will fully embrace pioneering digital and eco friendly tech solutions and actively seek to engage with entrepreneurs based at The Seam. For example, the new open spaces proposed will feature smart lighting which will shine brighter when people or vehicles pass to conserve energy and improve safety. This first phase of development at The Seam digital business campus is part funded by Future High Streets Fund. It aims to renew and reshape town centres in a way that drives growth, improves experience and ensures future sustainability. It follows the successful completion of the Glass Works retail and leisure development earlier this year.

Council delivers 7 new gas free homes 

Work is now complete on seven new gas free council bungalows featuring a range of measures to make them more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Our newest council homes on Woodmoor View, off Laithes Lane, Athersley South, include six two bedroom bungalows and one three bedroom bungalow.

The bungalows feature electric air source heat pumps to provide heating and hot water, and high levels of insulation to reduce heat loss. They also have solar panels to generate electricity and a battery system to store the electricity until it’s needed. This will help tenants minimise their energy use. They've been designed to be accessible for people using wheelchairs or with mobility issues. They also have electric vehicle charging points and cycle storage.

New Evri site provides major jobs boost for local people 

The new Evri hub opened in September, providing a major jobs boost in the local area. The brand new development, represents a £60 million investment. It will have the capacity to process up to 1.1 million parcels per day, providing up to 1,400 jobs. This includes seasonal or part time warehouse or HGV driving roles available to support during busy periods for those looking for more flexible employment. A successful recruitment drive, supported by an open day held at the Barnsley Digital Media Centre, has seen a big interest from local jobseekers. A range of skilled positions have now been filled as the site moves towards opening.

Over 200 operatives have been recruited, with 80 per cent of people from the local area, which is excellent news for the local economy. In addition, 135 management and administration positions have been filled. Many with local people, and the diverse range of jobs has proven very attractive to local job seekers in the area. The site also has a number of sustainability initiatives.  These include a fleet of bio CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) vehicles, planting of over 25,000 shrubs and trees, and solar panels. Earlier this month, Evri was recognised for its work in this area and won ‘Best Environmental Practice’ at the Green World Awards.

Second site for Warwick Ward opened

A new site for Warwick Ward (machinery) Ltd. at Wentworth Industrial Park, Tankersley was officially opened in August. The company has been based in Barnsley for over fifty years and was founded in 1970 by Mr Warwick Ward. Growing into one of the largest stockists and suppliers of new and used earthmoving and waste recycling equipment and spare parts in Europe. The new premises will provide a Centre of Excellence, which will house the company's bespoke training academy and develop future employees. The academy will provide fantastic opportunities for both apprentices and qualified plant fitters.

Barnsley's Big Weekend 

Barnsley’s Big Weekend returned in July with a series of free events and entertainment. Including Mayor’s Day, cycling races, festival of brass, street theatre and more. The weekend started with the Barnsley Town Centre Cycle Races, beginning with a community ride.  Progressing to an elite set of races as part of the British Cycling Men's and Women's National Circuit Series. On the Saturday there was a variety of events, from brass bands, Pride Barnsley celebrations and the return of Mayor’s Day. The Glass Works Square, Alhambra Shopping Centre, and Barnsley Town Hall were alive with the sound of music from 12 different brass bands. Pride Barnsley, Barnsley’s biggest LGBTQIA+ event took over the Mandela Gardens.  This celebrated queer life and culture with live music, entertainment, and stalls.  A new exhibition by renowned sculptor Graham Ibbeson was also unveiled at the Cooper Gallery.  Also the Barnsley Serves the World exhibition at Experience Barnsley was in full flow with the Anyone for Tennis street theatre show. Visitors to the Big Dino Show were able to meet Tiny, the not so tiny Triceratops and Zoom, the T-Rex, as part of the How to Train Your Dinosaur! show. What’s Your Move, a big day of healthy activities designed to get Barnsley moving was in the The Glass Works Square.

Achievements and highlights 

  • International LEGO Brick Art opens at Barnsley Museums Gallery @ The Glass Works. 
  • Barnsley Town Centre Races host the best road cyclists in Britain as part of the British Cycling National Circuit Series. 
  • Barnsley's Big Weekend returns with three days of exciting free events, including Mayor's Day. 
  • The new Evri hub opens in Barnsley, providing a major jobs boost in the local area. 

Sustainable Barnsley CPR Header

Key outcomes 

  • People live in great places, are recycling more and wasting less, feel connected and valued in their community.
  • Our heritage and green spaces are promoted for all people to enjoy.
  • Fossil fuels are being replaced by affordable and sustainable energy and people are able to enjoy more cycling and walking.

Case studies 

Local children enjoy official opening of Penny Pie Park 

The new and improved community park facilities in Penny Pie Park were officially opened July. Among the new facilities are a new play area. This caters for children of all ages and includes accessible and inclusive play equipment. A full size multi use games arena sits alongside the relocated outdoor fit gym, a great space for activities. In addition, an impressive gated entrance, new signage, notice boards.  The new railings provide a safe and welcoming new facility that we hope residents of all ages will enjoy.

We worked with tree specialists and landscape architects to identify suitable trees to be preserved. This was done by transplanting them further within the park rather than removing them. After completing the works, this has provided a total of 243 trees in Penny Pie Park, a net gain of four trees. The landscaping includes new grassed areas, with tons of topsoil provided by our production facilities at the Smithies Depot in Barnsley. This has been an environmentally friendly initiative helping to reduce costs.

Elsecar Park and Local Nature Reserve received its 15 Green Flag

Elsecar Park and Local Nature Reserve (LNR) is celebrated back in July after winning a Green Flag for the 15th year in a row. The ever popular spot is a favourite for visitors looking for healthy recreation, sports, play and relaxation. The park boasts over 18 hectares which include a reservoir, nature reserve, Tee Cup café, a wonderful smoke-free play area and a new toddler cycle track. Elsecar Reservoir Local Nature Reserve (LNR) one of the borough’s natural heritage sites is a popular spot for anglers, bird watchers and walkers.  It also has links to the Trans Pennine Trail. The Green Flag Award scheme, managed by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy.  Under licence from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities. They recognise and reward well managed parks and green spaces. Setting the benchmark standard for the management of green spaces across the United Kingdom and around the world.

Barnsley Archives win national award

Barnsley Archives and Local Studies are winners of the Archives and Records Association ‘Record Keeping Service’ of the year award 2022. The National award recognises the achievements by an archive, conservation, or records management service over the last eighteen months. Nominated for their hard work and dynamism during the pandemic. Projects highlighted were around their digital diversification, keeping the service operating remotely during closures. As well as the creation of a new storage space brining collections together under one roof. The award is even more special as it's decided by public vote with people from across the country getting involved. Other finalist in the category were the University of Nottingham, Manuscripts and Special Collections, The Manuscripts for Medieval Studies Team, the Library of Trinity College Dublin.  Also Transport for London Corporate Archives and Doncaster Archives and Heritage Doncaster.

Discover works of art as you wander around Worsbrough Mill 

A whole host of new artwork is on display in Worsbrough Mill Country Park.  Enhancing the already stunning surroundings as well as offering opportunities to relax. New work includes two new benches, a selection of willow art and floral inspired sculptures. The wooden ‘Millsong Bench’ is inspired by Anne Shaw, Mill Manger in the 18th Century and features the emotive words of Barnsley's Poet Laureate, Eloise Unerman.

Eloise wrote the touching piece, which reflects the history of the area, and is carved into the bench for people to enjoy. Another of artist, Shane Green’s sculptures can be found in the country park. They bring to life the stories of the Worsbrough Wagon Way, along with the people and industries it served. A second stone bench has been installed close to the family play area and offers moments of relaxation and reflection. It was constructed with the help of volunteers, who learnt all about the dry stone walling process as part of the project. Volunteers were also able to carve a unique emblem onto the bench.

Other artwork includes a selection of willow sculptures representing the country parks. These are important and significant vegetation which can be found across the 240 acre nature reserve. A Floral inspired sculpture ‘Pollination’ by artist Ruth Moilliet is on display on the wall of the Learning Hut in the Country Park. The colourful metal flower installation catches the eye and is inspired by the wildflowers in the area. All the work has been funded by the Community Renewal Fund from UK Government and South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority. It's designed to inspire communities and explore the viability of new ideas.

Fantastic for families award nomination 

Barnsley Museums have been nominated for the Audience Impact and Innovation Award in the Fantastic for families awards. The award recognises the achievements of creative organisations or cultural event organisers.  Looking at those who have demonstrated innovation and ability to adapt to reach and make a difference to families in need. The nomination is for The Kindred Programme.  An action research project developed to share understanding of how cultural and non-cultural services can jointly identify and resolve issues for our communities. It brought together partners from arts, heritage, education and social services to support Barnsley communities. Now in its ninth year, the Fantastic for Families Awards is an annual programme. Open to UK based cultural organisations or cultural activity organisers, providing creative opportunities, activities, or initiatives for families and older audiences.

Achievements and highlights 

  • Cannon Hall Park and Gardens celebrated as one of the best green spaces with Green Flag status. 
  • New plans to transform Barnsley's landmark digital district into a smart and sustainable urban village for the 21st century unveiled. 
  • Residents invited to have their say on active travel scheme to encourage more walking and cycling. 
  • New and improved community part facilities in Penny Pie Park officially opened. 

Enabling Barnsley CPR Header

Key outcomes 

  • Our council is modern, inclusive, efficient, productive and high-performing.

Case studies 

Skills for care endorsement 

Our Assessment Centre team, who deliver vocational qualifications for learners across Barnsley, recently renewed their status as a Skills for Care endorsed provider. Having endorsed status demonstrates the quality of our adult social care qualifications and training. This means learners can be confident they'll receive the best learning and development available within the care sector.

Did you know the team has recently added the care certificate to their portfolio of qualifications? As with all our qualifications, the certificate is delivered flexibly to suit the learner.  Being assessed in the workplace through our e-portfolio system. Our care certificate has been endorsed by South Yorkshire Region Education and Careers (SYREC), meaning it's a qualification you can trust.

Supporting smart working for staff in our localities 

As we continue our smart working journey, it's important to remember that 'Barnsley is our office'.  It takes an organisation wide approach, which includes staff, teams and services working within the localities of Barnsley as well as the town centre. We're focused on delivering improvements for our staff across the borough. Ongoing engagement sessions will continue to help us with this. Our focus remains that staff working in the localities of Barnsley have the right workspaces, tools.  Along with support and digital connectivity they require to carry out their roles. As well as general improvements to workspaces, as has been done at Westgate.  We propose to create in the localities some similar shared 'drop-in' locations that will enable teams to access workspaces quickly, as and when needed. We're already looking at workspaces at buildings including Goldthorpe LIFT, Hoyland Library, Wellington House, Worsbrough LIFT and the Town Hall. We'll be working with staff at each location to co-produce solutions and make sure we create workspaces that work for everyone.

HR team awarded Sheffield DBS tender 

The HR Service Centre team has just been awarded a four year contract.  This is to provide Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) services to Sheffield Council following a rigorous tendering process. The contract will start in September and follows on from the existing provision of DBS services to the council.

Enabling collaboration with our NHS colleagues 

We've recently completed a project that'll help Council and NHS staff to work more collaboratively. The project will give us a lot more functionality between and email accounts. Some of the benefits include: direct messaging and calling between and accounts, without having to pre-organise a meeting on teams. Continued access to team chats after leaving a meeting setup by an external organisation. Presence status,  you'll be able to see free/busy/away status across organisations. Free or busy time will be viewable for all outlook calendars across and users. This will help when organising meetings. Calendars can be shared between and users on Outlook or Outlook Web App. However, it'll only show free or busy.

New income management system 

Barnsley Council and Dorset Council have been key players among a group of councils working collaboratively with support from specialist public sector digital agency dxw.  Working to create a new income management system (IMS). The IMS is a software application that we use to manage incoming payments and make sure they're allocated to the right accounts. It's now moving to stage 2 of its beta phase. The project team are now calling on other digitally ambitious councils to participate in the testing. Through an initial application to the Local Digital Fund. Barnsley Council received funding to explore the value of creating an income management and ePayment system for use across local government. Following discovery, Dorset Council came on board.  Since then, dxw and the group of councils have pooled their knowledge and expertise. Working to create an end to end IMS proposition with a wide range of functionality, a clear governance model and defined support models. A launch of an early version of the IMS at Barnsley has already seen staff time freed up to focus on other priorities. They're no longer hindered by an outdated system. It's easy to use without copying information multiple times or travelling to several screens to complete a transaction.

Employee support - Menopause cafe 

Following the success of our pilot menopause café back in April, we held another one on Thursday 15 September at the Library @ the Lightbox. Unison sponsored the café once again enabling us to provide free tea or coffee. The session focussed on how alternative herbal remedies and pilates may help to manage the symptoms of the menopause. There was also an opportunity for you to talk to others and share experiences, stories, tips and offer support in a relaxed setting.

Universal health passport 

We’ve launched a pilot of our universal health passport. The new health passport aims to help healthcare professionals understand the needs of the people they support. Making reasonable adjustments to the care they provide to people during their appointment or hospital stay. Working with our partners at Barnsley Hospital, SWYFT and the South Yorkshire Integrated Care System. We've created a health passport for people to use in health, social care and educational settings. It includes emergency contacts, medical details, and personal details of the person receiving care, including their likes and dislikes. The passport is available on paper and in an easy read format.

Achievements and highlights 

  • Cabinet members presented with 2022-2023 Programme for Overview and Scrutiny Committee. 
  • HR Service Centre team is awarded four year contract to provide Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) services to Sheffield Council. 
  • Barnsley and Dorset Council's collaborate to build new Income Management System for local authorities. 
  • In house Income Management System receives funding boost from Local Digital Fund.