Town Spirit

Creating a brighter future

We’re working together to make our borough a better place for everyone and to improve services that benefit you and your community. We want to make Barnsley a place where people love to live and work, and where they can see a brighter future for themselves and their families.

We have lots of inspirational people in our borough who are passionate about raising awareness and understanding of causes that impact our society.

Everyone can play their part by driving innovation and inspiring others. Together we will create a brighter future and make Barnsley a better place.

Our council plan

Our council plan helps us turn our vision into a reality; it sets out what we aim to achieve over the next three years to improve outcomes for you and your community.

What you can do to help

Be a Town Spirit champion and shape a better Barnsley.

Outcomes and performance

We have 12 outcomes of our plan which we're working towards.

Our strategies show what we're doing to help us achieve our outcomes and work towards our priorities.

We measure our performance against these outcomes to check we're doing what we said we would.

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