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Current projects

Find out more about the campaigns we've been working on below. 

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The 4T’s project

We've now created habitats amongst the site using recycled materials and resources within the area. We've also been on several occasions to create wild bird feeders and maintain the site which has resulted in the trees now bearing fruit. We're currently in the process of securing the remaining funding so we can have an accessible bench installed at the site.

4T's challenge

Engagement Charter

We've worked jointly with several groups including the YMCA, the Youth Association, Ad Astra, Chilypep and Exodus to create an Engagement Charter. This sets out ways to ensure the engagement process is successful for young people and those wanting to hear young peoples voices.

2030 Board

As a Youth Council we've been involved in the 2030 board which is about the ambition and plan for Barnsley for 2030. We've been encouraging young people and their voices to be heard and looking at their plans to the future.

Locke Park summer sessions

Every Tuesday in summer we've been visiting Locke Park to talk about transport, health and wellbeing. We catch up with other young people, and not just those from the youth council. We've had a chance to be involved in regional and national consultations for our campaigns. We've also been having a chat which has been a good way to get our voices heard.

Yorkshire and Humber youth voice residential

Some members of the Youth Council went on a residential to Kingswood. They did quite a few activities outside and some workshops and met people from different youth councils. During the residential the members learnt how to start a campaign, the history of campaigns, team building and how to build good relationships.

Convention one

At the York convention all South Yorkshire's youth councils came together to attend four workshops that covered a number of different activities.

The day also included a visit to York University, some time to come together for discussions and a scavenger hunt.

Youth Council enquiry

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How we work

Youth councillors meet together in committees, to discuss and work on campaigns and to run the Youth Council.

We have four committee's which take turns throughout the month and run on set Mondays:

  • Group 1 is Health and Wellbeing/Transport

  • Group 2 is Education/Environment

To find out more about the work that youth councillors do, contact the youth voice team. You can also talk to a youth councillor at a school near you.

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