Statutory registers

Definitive map modifications order (DMMO) applications register

The DMMO applications register shows the full list of valid applications that we’ve received, together with recent decisions.

The register helps to:

  • increase the knowledge among landowners, users and the general public about applications that could result in changes to the definitive map and/or the rights of way network
  • avoid duplication where more than one person may be thinking of applying to the council to change the definitive map
  • make people aware of ways that landowners don't intend to dedicate as public rights of way.

Landowner deposits made under Section 31(6) of the Highways Act 1980

Landowners can deposit a plan and statement showing all of the paths that they accept as public rights of way on their land. Any other paths (except those that are already recorded on the Definitive Map and Statement of rights of way) are protected – use by the public during the period that the deposit is valid does not establish public rights.