Report a problem with a tree

We're responsible for maintaining and inspecting council owned trees in:

  • streets
  • parks and open spaces
  • cemeteries

We inspect our trees periodically, to make sure they're safe and in a healthy condition. Our programme for inspections varies according to the age of the trees, the condition, the location and species. Sometimes we remove trees to redevelop an area, or clear parts of our parks and woodland to make way for new species.

Trees in gardens, or on other private land, are the responsibility of the owner. If a tree in a neighbouring property is causing you problems you should take it up with the owner. 

You have a right to prune any overhanging branches from council or privately owned trees back to the boundary of your property, unless it's a protected tree or you live in a conservation area. You'll be responsible for disposing of the prunings properly, either in your green bin or at a household waste and recycling centre.

Tree Preservation Orders and conservation areas

We also have a duty to protect some trees and woodland in certain areas. 

You'll need our permission to remove or prune a tree if it's a protected tree, or you live in a conservation area. 

If you've applied for planning permission and are intending to remove any trees as part of the project, you'll need to check with us first to find out if they're protected.

You can find out more about this in our information on Tree Preservation Orders.

How to report a tree problem

You can use the online enquiry form at the top of this page to report a problem with a council owned tree in a street, park or open space, such as:

  • damage to your property from a tree
  • trees blocking street lights or signs

We don't deal with reports about:

  • falling leaves or debris, such as fruit, aphids or honeydew
  • branches overhanging your land
  • trees touching overhead wires; contact BT (Openreach)
  • poor television reception, you should consider how any nearby trees may grow when you're locating your aerial or satellite dish
  • trees blocking light into your home or garden

How to report a fallen tree/branch

Call 999 if a fallen tree/branch may be a potential risk to someone's safety or where a vehicle's collided with a tree and people have been injured.

Call our 24 hour emergency helpline on (01226) 773555 if a fallen tree/branch is causing a dangerous obstruction on a road or pavement.

Use the online form on our report pavement and road obstructions page to report a fallen tree/branch or overhanging branches that are non-emergency obstructions.

What we'll do

When we receive your form, we'll inspect the tree and let you know what action we're going to take. If it's not possible, or practical, for us to carry out the work you've requested we'll let you know the reasons why.

We'll always check trees to avoid disturbing nesting birds, before starting any work between March and October.  In addition, we'll only work on certain trees with dense crowns in winter, when the nesting season ends.