Apply for a planning conditions check report

We sometimes grant planning permission subject to the development meeting certain conditions. These are imposed only when necessary to make sure the development, or parts of it, are acceptable in planning terms.

A planning conditions check provides you with a report outlining any restrictions you may have.  This is before you start your development, prior to your occupation of a house, and of any future restrictions. The report also includes the current status of planning permission conditions and provides details on whether they've been discharged.

Planning conditions sometimes need extra details to be sent to us, such as:

  • details about contaminated land and its remediation;
  • associated highway mitigation and improvements;
  • landscaping and construction management of the development.

If you need confirmation whether planning conditions have been discharged on a planning approval in the Barnsley borough.  Then you can apply for this report using the online form below.

Before you begin

We need to make sure you’re eligible for this service. Only start your application if you're able to confirm:

  • you're enquiring about a property or site in the Barnsley borough; and 
  • you're requesting this service for yourself, or on behalf of someone who has given you their permission.

We'll only use personal details for the services we provide to you. You can find out more in our privacy policy.

What you need

We'll ask you to provide the name and contact details of the person making the request.  Along with the address and postcode of the site.  Also the planning application number of the legal agreement (if you know this). 

How to pay

We charge £40 for requests relating to householder planning applications (ie extensions and alterations). Or £116 for requests relating to full planning applications (ie new dwellings) and all other application types (no VAT payable).

You need to pay via the online form before we can provide advice.

What happens next

Once we’ve received your online application and payment you'll receive a compliance with conditions report within 28 days.