Local self-build register

We maintain a register of people who are interested in self-build or custom-build projects in Barnsley. 

This includes: 

  • people building their own homes
  • builders or contractors building new houses
  • residential refurbishment projects on disused buildings
  • community-led housing projects 

The register helps us to understand the demand for self-build plots in Barnsley.  We use it to make sure we allocate enough land for self-build when we're developing our local plan for the borough.  

You can read more about why councils maintain a register in the Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015. 

Register your interest 

Please contact us online to register your interest in self-build.

It would help if you tell us:

  • you're interested in self-build
  • how many housing plots you want to develop

What happens next 

When you're on the register we'll contact you if any land becomes available that meets your self-build requirements.

We'll also contact you every 12 months when we review our register, to confirm you want to remain on it.