Report construction pollution

Construction sites are in the open and are often near to existing homes.

Building work should normally only take place on weekdays between 7.30am and 6pm and on Saturdays between 8.30am and 2pm. It's usual to expect some noise, dust and other disturbance from a building site. But if it's excessive and is causing a problem for people in the local area you can report it to us on our online form below. 

If the developer has provided contact details for the site manager, you should get in touch with them first to discuss your concerns. If this hasn't resolved the problem you can report it to us.

We use the guidance in the Environmental Protection Act 1990, as well as the information you've told us to decide if we can investigate. We'll then visit the site and advise the developer how to keep disruption to a minimum. We can also serve a notice and take legal action if necessary. 

We'll always look into reports of smoke coming from a building site. 

What you'll need to tell us

  • the address/site/area that is causing the problem
  • when and for how long the problem has been happening
  • how the problem affects you and your home
  • any action you've taken to resolve it

It would be helpful if you could upload some evidence such as a diary of when the problem occurs, photos or a video.