Report flooding

We're responsible for managing flood risk in Barnsley, from surface water, groundwater and ordinary watercourses. We work alongside the Emergency Services, Environment Agency, Met Office, and utility companies to tackle flooding across the borough.

Flooding can be caused by:

  • run-off water from fields and over-full rivers, usually following heavy rainfall
  • blocked drains
  • cracked or burst water pipes owned by Yorkshire Water

How to report flooding

To report flooding, you need to contact one of the following services.  Check what type of flooding each service is responsible for below.

In an emergency

Call 999 if there's a risk to people or property.

Call (01226) 773555 if:

  • there's deep water on the road, making it impassable to vehicles
  • there's fast flowing water causing damage to the road
  • there's fast flowing water causing damage to bridges and structures

Yorkshire Water

If a drainage system's discharging foul water or sewerage, it’s likely to be from a Yorkshire Water public sewer.

They're responsible for maintaining the network of foul and surface water public sewers, which collect water and waste from the drains of properties. Public sewers are usually in roads or public open spaces, but some may run through private gardens; Yorkshire Water has a right of access to these sewers for maintenance.

To report an overflowing public sewer, call Yorkshire Water on 0345 1242424.

They also have some useful information on their website about protecting your home from flooding and dealing with sewer flooding.

Environment Agency

To report a flooded river or stream, call the Environment Agency on 0800 807060 (24 hour line).

Barnsley Council

To report a blocked street drain, gully, flooding from a stream, or water coming up through the ground, use our online form. 

You can check if a problem's already been reported, and the status of existing reports, on the map below.

Reported flooding and drainage issues map

View full-screen map

Make a report

If the flooding you want to report isn't on the map, please tell us about it using our online form.

  • Call 999 if the flooding is causing a risk to people or property.

  • Call our emergency helpline on (01226) 773555 if the flooding involves deep or fast flowing water causing damage to roads, bridges or structures.

  • Call Yorkshire Water on 0345 1242424 for flooding involving sewage.

You'll need to show us on a map where the flooding is by clicking to drop a pin. You'll also need to tell us as much detail as you can about the flood. You can upload a photo of the flooded area as well, if you have one.

You can make your report anonymously, but if you'd like a receipt and reference number you need to tell us your email address.

Please note, reports won't be picked up outside office hours or over bank holidays, so if there's a risk to a person or property please call one of the emergency numbers.

After you've made your report

After you've submitted the form the flooding problem you’ve reported will appear as a pin on the map. You might need to wait a couple of minutes and refresh your screen to be able to see the status of your report.

The pin will stay on the map for at least 28 days, during which time you can come back to the webpage to check the status of your report.

Once the pin drops off the map you won't be able make further enquiries about your report, unless you have your reference number.

What we'll do

When we receive your report we’ll visit the location to assess the problem. We'll repair any damage resulting from the flood within appropriate timescales. 

For reported issues about streams we'll investigate the problem and forward your report on to the landowner.