Cellars, pavement lights and ventilation

You'll need a licence to:

  • create a cellar underneath a building
  • to install pavement lights or ventilation systems underneath a street

You should already have planning permission before you apply for a licence from us. 

We grant licences subject to the following conditions:

  • diversion of Statutory Undertakers apparatus
  • method of work for duration of works
  • measurements of cellar grate/pavement lights or ducts
  • maintenance of apparatus will be by the owner
  • public liability insurance in case of accident or claim

A description of these terms can be found in the  Highways Act 1980, section 180.

A licence costs £194.  When you receive your invoice you can pay online here.

You'll need to contact us to apply for a licence.  

Please help by telling us:

  • what work you're undertaking
  • the location