Licences for scaffolding and hoardings

Scaffolding contractors must have a licence to erect scaffolding or hoarding on a road or pavement. You must also hold public liability insurance for a minimum of £5m as you'll be responsible for any third party claims that may arise.

The cost of the licence, including the first week of the permit, is £237, with an extra £89 for every week after that.

We'll invoice you for this amount once the scaffolding or hoarding has been removed from the highway. You can pay by debit or credit card.

Apply for a licence

Fill in our application form to apply for a license. 

When completing your application, you'll need to tell us:

  • why you want to erect scaffolding or hoarding on the public highway
  • the exact location
  • how long you expect them to be there

If, after we've issued your licence, any of your details change, you need to let us know.

To apply for a licence, fill in our application form.