School crossing patrols

School crossing patrol wardens can stop traffic to allow children and adults to cross the road safely on their way to and from school.

Only trained school crossing patrol wardens. commonly known as 'lollipop' people, can use a stop sign (lollipop) and they must only operate in a designated area, generally close to the school.

Parents and guardians should be aware that they're still in charge for making sure their child crosses the road safely, even where a school crossing patrol is provided.

Requests for school crossing patrols

We don't have a statutory duty to provide school crossing patrols.   Where a headteacher makes a request for a crossing, we'll look at the issues raised by the school and get back to them with our findings.

School crossing patrols can only be provided at sites which meet the rules in the national guidelines produced by Road Safety GB. The rules depend on a number of factors, but firstly the number of primary school age children and the volume of vehicles at the site at the relevant times.

School crossing patrol vacancies

It's often difficult recruiting into vacant school crossing patrol positions. If you want to become a member of the team, you can find the latest vacancies on our jobs website.