Road signs and markings

We provide and maintain road markings and signs across Barnsley to give directions, information about regulations and safety warnings to road users. 

You can find out more about what road signs and markings mean in the Highway Code. 

If you know somewhere that you think would benefit from a new road marking or sign please fill in our online form.

Before you begin

Please don’t use this form to ask us about yellow lines or a tourist sign (brown sign).  You can use our road safety concern form

You can use this form to ask us to do an assessment for a new road sign or marking.

Please tell us:

  • your name and contact details in case we need more information from you
  • the name of the road and location on it
  • why you think it would benefit from a new sign or markings

What happens next

When we receive your form we'll investigate your request.  If we find that a road sign or markings are needed we'll make arrangements to carry out the work.