Report damaged street furniture

Street furniture refers to anything installed on a road or footway to help keep drivers, cyclists and pedestrians safe.

Items that we have a responsibility to provide and maintain include:

  • road signs 
  • non-illuminated signs and bollards
  • pedestrian guard rails
  • crash barriers
  • seats and benches
  • litter and dog waste bins

Utility companies, such as BT, Yorkshire Water, and National Grid, are responsible for items such as telephone kiosks, telephone poles, mobile phone masts, manholes and fire hydrants.

Travel South Yorkshire is responsible for the maintenance of bus shelters and bus stops.

How to report damaged street furniture

Please use our online form to report damaged street furniture.

You can check if a problem's already been reported, and the status of existing reports, on the map below.

Damaged or missing street furniture

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Make a report

If it's not already been reported, tell us about it using our online form.

Please note that reports won't be picked up outside office hours or over bank holidays.

Fill in the form

It only takes a couple of minutes to fill in the form. All you have to do is:

  • click on the report damaged street furniture button below to start the form
  • show us on a map where the damaged item is by clicking to drop a pin; if you don't drop the pin in the right place you can move it around the map to the exact location of the damaged item
  • give as much detail as you can about the damage
  • upload a photo of the damaged item (optional)
  • click the submit report button

You can report damaged street furniture anonymously, but if you'd like a receipt and reference number for your report, you must provide either your email address or mobile number.

After reporting

Once you've submitted the form, you'll be returned to this webpage, where you’ll see that the damaged street furniture you’ve reported has appeared as a pin on the map. You may need to wait a couple of minutes and refresh your screen to be able to see the status of the pin on the map.

The pin will remain on the map for at least 28 days, during which time you can come back to the webpage to check the status of your report.

Once the pin drops off the map, you won't be able make further enquiries about your report, unless you have a reference number.

What happens next

When we receive your report, we’ll visit the location to assess the damage.

If there's no risk, we’ll add the repair to our scheduled programme of works.

If we can't find the damage when we visit the site you've reported to us, and we don't have details to contact you for more information, we'll close the report.