Traffic lights

Traffic lights are used to control the movement of traffic at junctions. They're also used to make sure pedestrians can cross roads safely.

We control and maintain over 90 sets of permanent traffic lights, including pelican crossings. The timings for each set of lights vary. This is according to the traffic flow on the road and surrounding roads where they're located.

Faulty traffic lights

You only need to tell us about faulty traffic lights if you feel that the fault is a hazard to motorists or people.

We use technology that tells us if there's any faults with traffic lights. The technology also monitors how they're keeping the flow of traffic moving effectively. 

Emergency reporting out of hours

You can call our 24 hour number in emergencies. For example, if you see faulty or vandalised traffic lights that you consider to be a serious hazard to traffic or people. We'll deal with these faults on a priority basis.

Temporary traffic lights at roadworks

The companies carrying out the work are responsible for temporary traffic lights.

Contact the company directly to report a fault. Their number should be displayed on the traffic light or on a scheme information board nearby.