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Welcome to Skills and Employability 

Barnsley is full of opportunities to benefit from learning, work and volunteering.  Some people find it easy to access these opportunities.  Others might need some support. 

That's where Skills and Employability can help! Our advisors work with people to access options that are right for them.  This helps more people in our communities to unlock the benefits that these opportunities bring.  

Your future, your way 

Our advisors can help you to explore what's possible.  When you have support in place and an idea of what you'd like to do, we can help you on your journey.  

Through our partnership approach, it's easier to get started.  We'll help you to develop and grow your skills and employability even further.  Take a look at our information to learn how our advisors could help you. 

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Watch our playlist to hear from some of the people we've worked with. They tell their stories of success and how some guidance has helped them to achieve their goals for learning, work and training.  

If you're not sure what's out there, need help to get started or want a change, our team can help. Get in touch on our help and support page and find more information about some local opportunities and support: 

Hear from people we've helped

James's story

James found Sector Routeways through social media. After leaving his previous job due to health reasons, it was vital that James found the right job for him. James was able to speak to an IAG Advisor and, together, find the perfect course. This allowed James to gain the skills needed to secure a job.

James said, "This course will give me a lot of stability and security. My previous work has never allowed me to put my skills into writing. This course gives me a qualification I can take anywhere with me, and it will be a massive progression for me."

Ashley's story

Ashley, who took part in our Youth Work course, is excited to use the skills he’s learnt to start his own provision for accessible football in Barnsley.

Ashley said, “I previously played for England’s Cerebral Palsy Football team, but when I realised there was nothing like this in Barnsley I wanted to start my own. This course gives me the skills I'll need to start a youth team!"

Reece's story

Reece found that the group working on the course created a good support group of people with different backgrounds and knowledge. He now feels ready to move into a job and be confident in his skills.

Reece said, ““This course opens so many doors for my career. In the past, working with young people has brought up lots of difficulties, but now I know how to handle them. The support I’ve had on this course has been nothing but amazing.”

James G's story 

After deciding on a career change, James wanted to try something new. The hospitality course gave him the opportunity to see behind the scenes of local businesses, learn the skills he needs, and gain the qualifications to jump straight into a job.

James said, “After college I wanted a change, from this one course I now have everything I need to move into a job. My confidence has grown massively, and I know that what I am doing is correct. The CV support helped me secure some trial shifts at a local restaurant where I am putting my new skills into action.”