European Parliamentary election - 22 May 2014

These are the results for the European parliamentary election. They were held on Thursday 22 May 2014

Six MEP places were up for grabs in the region of Yorkshire and The Humber. Barnsley's results feed into this.  

Here is the breakdown of the Barnsley element of the count. These figures are then added to those from the rest of the region to allocate the six MEP places using the D'Hondt proportional representation method.

Party Votes   
An Independence From Europe 1,165
British National Party (BNP) 1,359
Conservative 5,729
English Democrats 1,201
Green 2,695
Labour 19,455
Liberal Democrats  1,142
No2EU 170
United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)        19,026
Yorkshire First 1,119
Total number of votes cast 53,061

Rejected votes: 229

The turnout in Barnsley was 29.7%.