Local government and Mayoral Combined Authority elections - 3 May 2018

Barnsley local government elections 2018

The data shows the results of the local government elections held on Thursday 3 May 2018. The turnout for the borough was 25.03%.

Central Ward

Name Party Votes
Audsley, Connor Liberal Democrats 98
Bruff, Margaret (Elected) Labour Party 1285
Thompson, Adrian Conservative Party 324
Van Buuren, Rene Laurens Green Party 182

Cudworth Ward

Name Party Votes
Burrows, Chris The Yorkshire Party 161
Felton, Gavin Democrats and Veterans Party 38
Hayward, Joe (Elected) Labour Party 1252
Waters, Elizabeth Kate Liberal Democrats 50
Wilkinson, Samuel Joe Conservative Party 17

Darfield Ward

Name Party Votes
Boon, Kim Liberal Democrats 160
Markham, Pauline (Elected) Labour Party 1134
Smith, Trevor Democrats and Veterans Party 391
Weldon, Delia, Mary Conservative Party 295

Darton East Ward

Name Party Votes
Hill, George Conservative Party 455
Hunt, Steve Liberal Democrats 415
Spence, Harry (Elected) Labour Party 1523

Darton West Ward

Name Party Votes
Heyes, Tom Green Party  324
Howard, Sharon (Elected) Labour Party 1279
Ogden, Lee Conservative Party 581
Waters, Andrew Stephen Liberal Democrats 132

Dearne North Ward

Name Party Votes
Farnfield, Joseph Thomas Conservative Party 273
Gollick, Annette (Elected) Labour Party 1107

Dearne South Ward

Name Party Votes
Jackson, Sharon Conservative Party 292
Lewis, Sara Anne Green Party 184
Noble, May (Elected) Labour Party 1415

Dodworth Ward

Name Party Votes
Carr, Jack Barnsley Independent Group 933
Toon, Debbie Conservative Party 476
Waters, Susan Jane Labour Party 164
Wright, Neil Gareth (Elected) Labour Party 956

Hoyland Milton Ward

Name Party Votes
Franklin, Robin (Elected) Labour Party 1548
Lawrence, Glenn Charles Liberal Democrats 255
Payne, Michael Joseph Conservative Party 356

Kingstone Ward

Name Party Votes
Ellis-Mourant, John Stephen Liberal Democrats 423
Mitchell, Kath (Elected) Labour Party  1078
Wakinson, Lesley Anne Conservative Party 202

Monk Bretton Award

Name Party Votes
Bromfield, Adam Fletcher Conservative Party 250
Felton, Vicky Democrats and Veterans Party 342
Richardson, Kenneth (Elected) Labour Party 1279
Rose, Susan Mary Liberal Democrats 63
Todd, Dean David Green Party 119

North East Ward

Name Party Votes
Devoy, Tony Yorkshire Party 593
Higginbottom, Dorothy (Elected) Labour Party 1397
Hill, Elizabeth Conservative Party 179

Old Town Ward

Name Party Votes
Bennett, Kevin Liberal Democrats 166
Houchin, Mark Independent  493
Pickering, Clive Melvin (Elected) Labour Party 1206
Watkinson, Clive Conservative Party 334

Penistone East Ward

Name Party Votes
Barnard, Robert John (Elected) Conservative Party 1813
Flack, Martin Andrew Labour Party 1189
Greenhough, David Sean Liberal Democrats 332

Penistone West Ward

Name Party Votes
Kitching, Hannah Ruth (Elected) Liberal Democrats 1741
Newing, Jo Labour Party 963
Trotman, Richard Thomas James Green Party 204
Wilkinson, Alex Conservative Party 840

Rockingham Ward

Name Party Votes
Andrews, James Gregory (Elected) Labour Party 1242
Davies, Michael James Conservative Party 542
Nugent, Paul Liberal Democrats 115
Riddiough, Kevin English Democrats - "Putting England First!" 235

Royston Ward

Name Party Votes
Cheetham, Tim (Elected) Labour 1315
Gouthwaite, Edward Alan Independent 364
Toon, Michael John Conservative Party 224

St Helens Ward

Name Party Votes
Burkinshaw, Steven John Conservative Party 190
Jones, Alan Green Party 187
Leech, Dave (Elected) Labour 1238

Stairfoot Ward     

Name Party Votes
Bowler, Janine Marie (Elected) Labour Party 1173
Brook, Mark James Conservative Party 265
Gillis, Andy Barnsley Independent Group 521

Wombwell Ward

Name Party Votes
Colville, Joe Conservative Party 415
Cook, Terence Anthony Green Party 240
Frost, Robert (Elected) Labour Party 1363

Worsbrough Ward

Name Party Votes
Barraclough, Michael Alan Conservative Party 331
Calvert, Sarah Liberal Democrats 266
Clarke, John (Elected) Labour Party 1209

The Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield Combined Authority Mayoral Election, 3 May 2018

Barnsley Voting Area

The total number of ballot papers used was: 45,366

The total number of rejected ballot papers was: 686

The total number of valid first preference votes was: 44693

The total number of valid first preference votes cast for each of the candidates was as follows:

Name of candidate Description (if any) Number of votes
ALLEN, David Stewart English Democrats - "A Parliament for England!" 1,754
BOWER, Michael Andrew The Yorkshire Party 3,158
JARVIS, Daniel Owen Woolgar Labour and Co-operative Party 30,250
JUDAH, Naveen South Yorkshire Save Our NHS 1,206
KITCHING, Hannah Ruth Liberal Democrats 2,302
MURPHY, Robert Green Party Candidate 1,249
WALKER, Ian Geoffrey The Conservative Party Candidate 4,774

Statement of rejected ballot papers at the first count

The number of ballot papers rejected at the first count was as follows:

Category Description Number of votes
 A Want of an official mark 0
 B Voting for more than one candidate as to the first preference vote 253
 C Writing or mark by which the voter could be identified 2
 D Unmarked or void for uncertainty as to the first preference vote 431
Total rejected  686      
Please note this is only the local result for the borough. The overall outcome will be shown on the Sheffield City Region website in due course.