Local government elections - 3 May 2012

These are the results of the local government elections. They were held on Thursday 3 May 2012.

Central ward 

Candidate Party Votes
Birkinshaw, Douglas Labour 1,262 Elected   
Gibson, Dave Independent 347
Haynes, Anne Conservative 129
Porter, Colin                 The English Democrats - 'Putting England First' 286

Cudworth ward

Candidate Party Votes
Campbell, Anne Conservative 124
Houghton, Steve Labour 1,684 Elected
Hubbard, Terry British National Party 244
Stacey, Carol The English Democrats - 'Putting England First' 115
Wright, Gill UK Independence Party (UKIP) 220

Darfield ward

Candidate Party Votes
Burnett, David                               English Democrats - 'Putting England First' 209
Hancock, Carmen E Barnsley Independent Group 984
Hill, George Conservative 115
Saunders, Caroline Labour 1,142 Elected

Darton East ward

Candidate Party Votes
Duerden, Lesley               Labour 1,172 Elected
Love, Sharon Barnsley Independent Group 910
Pearson, Howard Conservative 234
Sutton, Sharon The English Democrats - 'Putting England First!' 185
Wilson, Ben Liberal Democrats 58

Darton West ward 

Candidate Party Votes
Cave, Alice Labour 1,608 Elected
England, Sam Conservative 488
Sutton, Ian The English Democrats - 'Putting England First' 505

Dearne North ward

Candidate Party Votes
Garner, Ian Barnsley Independent Group 501 
Robinson, Jonathan Conservative 87
Worton, Jennifer Margaret Labour 1,314 Elected   

Dearne South ward

Candidate Party Votes
Brook, Sharron Labour 1,848 Elected 
Buckley, Paul Edward Conservative                         114
Garner, Susan Elaine Barnsley Independent Group 277

Dodworth ward 

Candidate Party Votes
Barr, Andrew Conservative 292
Birkinshaw, Phillip Barnsley Independent Group 1,396 Elected
Wright, Tony Labour 1,165

Hoyland Milton ward

Candidate Party Votes
Caton, Brian Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 125
Hill, Elizabeth Conservative 183
Krska, Damion Barnsley Independent Group 635
Saxton, Justin The English Democrats - 'Putting England First' 243
Stowe, Mick Labour 1,524 Elected

Kingstone ward 

Candidate Party Votes
Bowden, Geoff Barnsley Independent Group 458
Cooke, Danny British National Party 116
Green, Donna Labour 1,099 Elected
Walker, Nathan The English Democrats - 'Putting England First' 120
Watkinson, Clive Conservative 94

Monk Bretton ward

Candidate Party Votes
Brown, Grace Independent 719
Green, Steve Labour 1,398 Elected
Hubbard, Jane British National Party 286
Pilkington, Chris Conservative 116

North East ward 

Candidate Party Votes
Ennis, Jeff Labour 1,625 Elected
Milner, Stella Barnsley Independent Group 1,250
Murray, Peter Conservative 137

Old Town ward 

Candidate Party Votes
Davies, Phil Labour 1,391 Elected
Oldfield, Howard Conservative 182
Peace, David The English Democrats - 'Putting England First' 206                 
Pickering, Clive Barnsley Independent Group 665
Wood, Donald Independent 214

Penistone East ward 

Candidate Party Votes
Hayler, Jill Labour 1,298
Heathcote, Glynis Liberal Democrats 629
Wilson, John Conservative 1,405 Elected

Penistone West ward

Candidate Party Votes
Starling, Peter John Labour  1,389 Elected
Teal, Robert Liberal Democrats 190
Webber, Steve Conservative 1,337

Rockingham ward 

Candidate Party Votes
Dures, Emma Patricia Labour 1,611 Elected
Riddiough, Kevin David The English Democrats - 'Putting England First' 253
Sylvester, Steve Barnsley Independent Group 774
Toon, Mike Conservative 168

Royston ward 

Candidate Party Votes
Gouthwaite, Edward Alan Independent 248
Johnson, Jim UK Independence Party (UKIP) 322
Kyte, Graham Labour 1,573 Elected
Millner, Gill Conservative 117
Robinson, Paul The English Democrats - 'Putting England First' 73

St Helen's ward 

Candidate Party Votes
Tattersall, Sarah Jane Labour 1,387 Elected
Walker, Dean The English Democrats - 'Putting England First' 22
Watkinson, Lesley Conservative 85

Stairfoot ward 

Candidate Party Votes
Baker, Sandra British National Party 193
Clowery, Fred Barnsley Independent Group 981
Johnson, Wayne Labour 1,140 Elected
Watson, Frank Socialist Labour Party 58
Weldon, Delia Conservative 102

Wombwell ward 

Candidate Party Votes
Carnell, Gary The English Democrats - 'Putting England First' 192
Morgan, Margaret Labour 1,769 Elected
Smith, Trevor Barnsley Independent Group 329
Wilkinson, Alex Conservative 124

Worsbrough ward 

Candidate Party Votes
Carr, Gill Barnsley Independent Group 1,108 Elected
Robinson, Terry Socialist Labour Party 126
Smith, Helen Jean Conservative Party 124
Williams, Kevin Labour 969