Police and crime commissioner by-election - 30 October 2014

A by-election for the South Yorkshire police and crime commissioner was held on Thursday 30 October 2014.

The results of the election for are as follows:

Name Party Votes
Allen, David English Democrats – 'Putting England First'     8583 (5.8%)
Billings, Alan Labour  74,060 (50.02%)
Clarkson, Jack      UK Independence Party (UKIP) 46,883 (31.66%)
Walker, Ian Conservative 18,536 (12.52%)

Alan Billings, the Labour party candidate, was elected.

  • The total number of valid first preference votes: 148,062.
  • The number of ballot papers rejected at first count: 2299.
  • The turnout in the South Yorkshire Police area at this election: 14.88%.

Statements of count totals and rejected ballot papers from the first count for each voting area: