UK parliamentary election 2015

Results of the UK parliamentary elections held on Thursday 7 May 2015.

Barnsley central constituency (turnout 56.82%)

Candidate Party Votes
Carter, Kay Julie Conservative   5,485
Gibson, Dave Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition  573
Hunter, Lee James UK Independence Party (UKIP)  7,941
Jarvis, Dan Labour  20,376 Elected 
Ridgway, John Anthony David Liberal Democrats  770
Short, Michael Green   938
Sutton, Ian David Charles English Democrats – 'Putting England First'  477

Barnsley east constituency (turnout 55.97%)

Candidate Party Votes
Coleman-Taylor, Ruth Liberal Democrats  1,217
Devoy, Tony A voice for the region  647
Dugher, Michael Vincent     Labour 21,079 Elected
Dyson, Ralph Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition  364
Harborne, Katharine Mary Conservative  5622
Marsden, Billy Vapers In Power  103
Riddiough, Kevin David English Democrats – 'Putting England First'  440
Swiffen, Robert Graham UK Independence Party (UKIP)  9,045

Penistone and Stocksbridge constituency

Candidate Party Votes
Gordon, Rosalyn Jane Liberal Democrats  2,957
Jackson, Steven Conservative   12,968
Porter, Colin English Democrats – 'Putting England First'  500
Smith, Angela Labour  19,691 Elected
Waddicar, Graeme                    UK Independence Party (UKIP)  10,738

Wentworth and Dearne constituency (turnout 58.35%)

Candidate Party Votes
England, Alan English Democrats – 'Putting England First' 309
Healey, John Labour Party 24,571 Elected
Hookem, Mike UK Independence Party (UKIP) 10,733
Naughton, Michael James Conservative 6,441
Simpson, Edwin Herbert           Liberal Democrats 1,135