23/10/2023 - Action on town centre premises for substantial unpaid rents

On Monday 23 October 2023 an independent enforcement team, acting on behalf of Barnsley Council, gained entry to and secured possession of The Salt House and Black + White in accordance with its powers as the landlord.

Unfortunately, there are substantial unpaid rents of over £100,000 across the leases for both premises. After more than a year of trying to resolve this, having regular contact with the business owner, and offering a range of payment options, we must regrettably now take this action to protect public money.

This decision has not been taken lightly - as we know these are popular venues - but such action is necessary where tenants repeatedly fail to meet their lease and rental obligations. 

We’re a supportive landlord and we work hard to welcome and grow businesses in Barnsley, but we have a statutory duty to make sure that public funds are managed responsibly, and we’ll continue to pursue the rent arrears owed.

If you have bookings or contracts at either of these venues, then please contact the businesses directly either by phone or via their website.

Barnsley town centre and The Glass Works are thriving. This redevelopment, alongside a packed programme of free family-friendly events, has been a great success – attracting major brands and a variety of independents. Footfall in 2022 was over six million and we’re expecting to surpass that figure for 2023 in the next few weeks.

We’re actively following up with interested prospective businesses that complement the established offer in the town centre, and we’ll consider this when we’re looking at the future use of these premises.

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