Training for PAs

If you’re a personal assistant, or thinking about becoming one, and you want to register on our PA Finder scheme, we’ll offer you a seven day training programme.

These are the areas that may be covered in the training programme:

  • principles of care
  • personalisation and self-directed support
  • food safety
  • infection control
  • safeguarding adults
  • people moving people
  • first aid awareness
  • health promotion
  • record keeping
  • equality and diversity
  • communication skills
  • working with and safeguarding children/young people
  • Personal Assistant Induction

Once you become a personal assistant, you’ll have the opportunity to attend further training and gain qualifications such as: 

  • Care Certificate
  • Certificate in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care
  • Diploma in Health and Social Care
  • Apprenticeships (Intermediate and Advanced)

Benefits of being a PA

  • We pay for all your training, checks and vetting
  • Once you’re listed on our PA Finder directory of approved personal assistants, people looking for support will be able to find you
  • All your checks will be carried out in advance to save you and your future employer time
  • Achieving 'approved' status shows you’re committed to and have evidence of adhering to high professional standards in social care. This gives you a distinct advantage over other candidates.

If you want more information about training and development related to the personal assistant role, email Barnsley PA finder or call (01226) 773300.