Training for PAs

If you’re a personal assistant, or thinking about becoming one, and you want to register on our PA Finder scheme, we offer the full 15 standard Skills for Care endorsed Care Certificate eLearning programme, as well as completing Emergency First Aid and People Moving People as a minimum. Additional training can be supported where it has been identified to support an individual employer.

The following areas are covered in the Care Certificate eLearning programme:

  • Standard 1 – Understand your role
  • Standard 2 – Your personal development
  • Standard 3 – Duty of care
  • Standard 4 – Equality and diversity
  • Standard 5 – Work in a person-centred way
  • Standard 6 - Communication
  • Standard 7 – Privacy and dignity
  • Standard 8 – Fluids and nutrition
  • Standard 9 – Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disabilities
  • Standard 10 – Safeguarding adults
  • Standard 11 – Safeguarding children
  • Standard 12 – Basic life support
  • Standard 13 – Health and safety
  • Standard 14 – Handling information
  • Standard 15 – Infection prevention and control

Additional areas required for registration on the PA Finder Scheme are:

  • People Moving People – Theory and practical skills session
  • Emergency First Aid – Theory and practical skills Session

Once you become a personal assistant, you’ll have the opportunity to undertake/attend further learning and development such as: 

  • Additional safeguarding children and/or adults training
  • Conflict resolution
  • Epilepsy awareness and rescue medication training

Using your Personal Online Development portal (POD) account you will be able to see a range of learning and development opportunities available to you.

It will be your responsibility to ensure your training is always kept up to date, lapsing could affect your registration on the scheme.

Benefits of being a PA

  • The comprehensive training is free of charge to you
  • Once you’re listed on our PA Finder directory of approved personal assistants, people looking for support will be able to find you
  • Your reference checks will be carried out in advance of approval, however your Enhanced Disclosure and Barring (DBS) Check will only be carried out once you have been matched with an individual
  • Achieving 'approved' status shows you’re committed to and have evidence of adhering to high professional standards in social care. This gives you a distinct advantage over other candidates.

If you want more information about training and development related to the personal assistant role, email Barnsley PA finder or call (01226) 772425.