Shared Lives

Shared Lives offers an alternative to home care and care homes for people who need support to live independently.

In Barnsley we offer the scheme to people who have a learning disability, a physical disability, are older, have a mental health problem, to children in transition, and to other vulnerable adults. 

How Shared Lives works

Shared Lives is where a person or family offers accommodation or care in their family home to people with support needs.  They become the carer of the person needing support, sharing their family and community life with them. Everyone in the family gets to contribute to building real relationships and an ordinary family life for the person in their care.

If you join the Shared Lives scheme, you can choose to:

  • live with the family for a short term fixed period
  • stay with the family on a regular basis for one or more days each week
  • move in with the family long term  

Your needs will be closely matched to the life of the family you'd be staying with.

Benefits of choosing Shared Lives

If you need care, you may prefer to join Shared Lives rather than going into a care home or having a home carer.

People who live in Shared Lives arrangements usually see improvements to their lives as a result of living in a family environment with a Shared Lives carer.

If you're not sure whether Shared Lives is the right choice for you, have a look at our YouTube clips below to see Shared Lives families and their carers talking openly about their experiences of the scheme.  

Barnsley is part of a network of national providers of the Shared Lives scheme through Shared Lives Plus. You'll find lots of useful resources on their website, including videos and blogs about the scheme. 

How to join Shared Lives

If you're interested in these living arrangements, either for yourself or a family member, contact us to find out if you're eligible for some help to arrange and pay for this service.

If you've already had an assessment and you're receiving some services, you can either contact your social worker or call the Shared Lives team on (01226) 775023.

If you're paying for your own care, our Shared Lives team can visit you to talk about the suitability of the scheme for you and how much it will cost.

Becoming a Shared Lives carer

We're responsible for recruiting, vetting, training and supporting Shared Lives carers. We're registered with the Care Quality Commission to provide this service and this means that we have quality inspections.  You can read our latest inspection report on their website.

To apply to be a carer, call (01226) 775023 or download our Shared Lives information and application pack:

As a Shared Lives carer you'll be paid a modest amount to cover some of your time and expenses.