Equipment and adaptations

We can help if you're struggling to manage everyday tasks because of an illness or long term condition.

We can tell you about equipment or adaptations to your home that might improve your situation and help you remain independent or you can check our adult health and social care directory.

We can offer you or your carer advice on:

  • better ways of doing everyday tasks around your home
  • safer moving/handling methods in case you need physically lifting in and out of a chair or bed

We can also provide equipment and make adaptations to your home, such as:

  • a raised toilet seat to help you sit and stand from the toilet more easily, or a seat inside your bath to help you to get in and out safely.  
  • fitting a grab rail to a wall, or a second handrail to the staircase, or even a stair lift, ramp or shower.

Asking for help

If you need help with equipment or home adaptations you can:

  • ask a professional to contact us on your behalf
  • request an assessment by completing the online form below
  • call the equipment and adaptations service on (01226) 775800
  • text phone: 07825 454888 (for BSL users)

You or your representative will be asked for information about yourself, your home and the difficulties you're having.

Assessing your needs

When you contact us, we'll assess your level of need before we provide any support. This helps us to prioritise support for people who have the greatest risk to their health, safety and independence.

In some cases, where you just need a basic piece of equipment, we can sort this without coming to your home. Usually we'll arrange to visit you to talk to you and your carers about the problems you're experiencing. We may ask you to show us how you carry out practical tasks so that we can see exactly what you're struggling with.  

Getting the right support

Your individual circumstances will determine the way you can access support.

If you need basic equipment such as a commode, bed pan, urinal or bed cradle, you don't need a specialist assessment. Just call the Community Equipment Service on (01226) 645400. They'll deliver the equipment to your home. If you prefer, you can get someone to collect it from Unit 33, Grange Lane Industrial Park, Stairfoot, Barnsley, S71 5AS. 

For more specialist equipment, such as a bath lift or raised toilet seat, you'll need an assessment. If your assessment shows you qualify for equipment, we'll lend you it for free for as long as you need it.

Professionals involved in your care, like a nurse or occupational therapist, can order equipment for you. If you get a personal budget you may be able to use some of this money to buy your own equipment. 

If you're a Berneslai Homes tenant you can ask them for minor adaptations like grab rails, stair rails or lever taps. They may also meet the cost of major alterations. They'll want to assess your health and mobility first.

If you're a housing association tenant, contact them first to ask for minor adaptations. They're usually responsible for the cost of the work to be done. 

If you're a home owner or housing association tenant you may qualify for a Disabled Facilities Grant to help with major structural alterations to your home.

Contact us to see whether you're eligible for this grant. We'll refer you to an approved supplier who can carry out the work. It's important, if you do apply for this grant, that you don't start any work before your application's been approved. Payment can't be made for any work that's already been started.

If we can't adapt your home, we can offer you advice and help to find and move to another property.

We'll also refer you to other services that may be able to offer you additional advice or support. 

Online help guide - AskSARA

AskSARA is a national help guide, with an easy-to-use online self assessment. It's a useful starting point if you aren't sure what type of items you need to support you.

You can choose from a list of health and mobility issues that you're experiencing, answer some questions about yourself, and receive personalised and impartial advice.