Looking after your home

There are services in the community that can help you with your cleaning, laundry, shopping or gardening.  You can find a list of them in our adult health and care directory. For advice about services for older people read our eBook. 

Home improvement and repairs

There are a number of housing agencies that can help with the upkeep and repair of your home. 

If you're a Berneslai Homes tenant, contact them in the first instance to find out what support they provide as part of your tenancy agreement. 

StayPut Barnsley is a not-for-profit home improvement agency operated by Yorkshire Housing Foundation in partnership with the council.  They provide independent advice on repairs, improvements and adaptations for people, particularly for disabled people and those over 60. 

Bin collections

If you're elderly or have a disability and you struggle to get your bins out to the kerb for collection, you can apply for help to put your bins out

Priority services from gas and electricity suppliers

Northern Powergrid provides electricity to our region through your energy supply company. 

They operate a priority services register which you can sign up to if you feel you're particularly vulnerable and would benefit from receiving additional help during a power cut.

You can find out more about the priority service, how to register and the benefits of registering on the Northern Powergrid website 

Individual energy supply companies also operate priority registers to help customers who have long term medical needs, or who may find it difficult to access services.  Contact your energy supplier to find out about the additional services they provide.