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In Barnsley, we should all have the best possible chance of enjoying life in good physical and mental health. Our adult social care services play such a vital role in ensuring local people experience high-quality care and support when they need it.

As we look forward, we want to bring together all the great work happening in adult social care in Barnsley. This is why we're developing our Better Lives programme, which will see our services working together to deliver excellence in adult social care for years to come.

Better Lives will focus on wellbeing, independence and community resilience, supporting people to live independently in their own home for as long as possible and ensuring those in need of our support have more say over the care they receive.

We’re excited about our Better Lives programme and believe it will positively impact local people’s lives by:

  • promoting wellbeing and personal and community resilience
  • maximising recovery and promoting independence so people can live independently in their own communities for as long as possible
  • improving the quality of life for people with care and support needs
  • providing choice and control for people who have care and support needs

Our Better Lives programme will also support our Healthy Barnsley ambitions. We’re excited to share what we’re doing to make sure you get the care and support you need – check this page for regular updates from our services and providers.

We all want to live in a place we call home with the people and things that we love, in communities where we look out for one another, doing the things that matter to us – that’s the social care future we seek.

January 2022: Introduction to Better Lives by Wendy Lowder

In Barnsley, there's lots of great work happening in adult social care. For example, we've developed our Market Position Statement to set out how we'll develop our care market in the coming years.

Our Better Lives programme will bring all of this great work together, helping us to deliver excellence in adult social care for years to come.

We spoke to Wendy Lowder, our Executive Director of Adult Social Care and Communities, to hear more about our plans for this exciting programme of work and what you can expect from adult social care in the future.

February 2022: Adult social care over the winter months - Linda Middlewood and Julie Chapman

Back in December we put in place measures to prepare us for the challenging winter months ahead, making sure we were ready for the impact of the Omicron variant and the continued pressures felt by our health and social care services.

Building on the great work we’ve seen throughout the pandemic, our teams have been agile and used strong partnership working to manage these challenges successfully.

Across adult social care, teams and services have worked tirelessly to make sure everyone in our borough gets the care and support they need. Here's a snapshot of what they’ve achieved over the past few months:

  • Our teams have worked together to keep services running despite some staff shortages, supporting care homes and people continuing to live at home.
  • We’ve offered temporary solutions for those waiting on homecare, aided by the support of informal carers, community services and our partners.
  • We’ve continued supporting people with their equipment and adaptation needs to continue living independently at home.

You may have noticed some longer waiting times, and we thank you for your patience and flexibility during this difficult time.

It’s been really heart-warming to see communities and families pulling together to support one another – a timely reminder of the kind nature of Barnsley folk.

We’re extremely proud of our carers and everyone working across adult social care in Barnsley for all their hard work to make sure the right care and support is available, not just during the winter months but throughout the pandemic.

They've continued to show incredible dedication, skills and tenacity to support those who need our help in Barnsley. We’re all in this together!

March 2022: Bringing reablement to life - our reablement team

As part of the social care future we seek, we all want to live in a place we call home with the people and things we love, doing the things that matter to us.

We’re really proud of our reablement team for supporting people to start doing the things they love again and continue living in their own homes.

For people who don’t know, we work with people who have been unwell or in hospital and need some extra help to keep living independently with confidence. The support we offer builds on someone’s strengths and is tailored to meet their personal needs.

Our team sets goals based on where someone wants to be, making sure they offer the right care and support to help people get back to their everyday lives as much as possible.

You may have seen one of our practitioners telling Barnsley Spotlight why she is proud to care, and we want to thank our team for everything they do to help people get back to doing the things that matter most to them.

We’ve been working with a local animation company to help tell the story of our reablement service, how our teams work together and how we can support you.

For these animations, we spoke to our friendly teams to hear how they help people recover and regain their independence. We also heard the story of how reablement has helped improve the life of someone in Barnsley, which you can watch below.

From adaptations at home to helping people get out and about with confidence, we’re excited for people to learn more about how reablement can help them and their loved ones.

For more information, visit our reablement webpage – and keep an eye out for the animations on Barnsley Council’s social media channels.


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