Adult social care

Arranging and paying for your own support


You may want to arrange and pay for your own support if:

  • you don't want to ask us for help
  • you don't qualify for help from us and will arrange support yourself
  • you've had a social care assessment, but you don't want to tell us about your finances. In this case we will assume you are funding your own care.
  • you have income or savings above the eligibility threshold of £23,250

Whatever your circumstances, we can give you information about the services you need. We'll also tell you how to get back in touch with us if your circumstances change.

You can find a service on Live Well Barnsley that you can buy or arrange yourself.

This quick online guide to home care tells you what to expect if you're arranging your own care.

Independent financial advice

If you have to pay the full cost for your care, you may want to speak to an independent financial adviser. They can advise you how to meet the cost of care.  

You can find details for financial advisers on the Unbiased website. Once you've chosen an adviser, make sure that they're registered and authorised with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). You can do this by checking on the FCA website or by calling freephone 0300 500 8082.

You can also find an independent financial adviser on the following websites: