Adult social care

Hospital care and coming home


Who to tell when you go into hospital

If you're receiving social care services from us, you need to let us know if you're going into hospital as we'll need to cancel these services until you're ready to go home. 

If you've arranged your care services, you'll also need to tell your personal assistant or care agency about your hospital stay, whether you pay for care yourself or through a direct payment.

If you're going to be in hospital for a long time, you'll need to find out how this will affect your benefits and Council Tax. Contact our benefits and Council Tax service online.

Preparing to go home

A social worker may come to see you before you leave hospital to check if you need any support to return home.

You may qualify for help from our reablement service, which can provide you with short-term help.

After this time, a social worker will visit you to see if you need further help and we may complete a social care assessment to see if you qualify. If you do, you may need to pay something towards the cost of your social care services. If you prefer you can choose to arrange and pay for services yourself; find a service on Live Well Barnsley.

You'll need to tell us when you come out of hospital so that we can rearrange the services that we provide.