More money in your pocket

Find out about the range of other support you may be eligible for, depending on your circumstances, to help with the cost of living.

Household support grants

Support for families with pupils at Astrea Academy Dearne

Astrea Academy Dearne, supported by Barnsley Council, are offering support for the cost of uniform/clothing, school equipment and store cupboard essentials (food/toiletries). The maximum award is £100 per family.


  • You must have at least one child that attends Astrea Academy Dearne.
  • You must have low-income earnings or be in receipt of benefits, and be struggling with the rising costs of living.
  • Families that receive free school meals are not eligible for the food support element.

How to apply

You need to contact the relevant student and safeguarding lead depending on which year your child is in, by emailing or by calling (01709) 892211:

If your child attends any specialist provision (Athena, Eleos or Synergy) you should contact Saphron Martin - pastoral lead -

When you make contact you'll have a discussion around your circumstances and an income and expenditure form will be completed. As a part of the process, you'll also be offered signposting advice to other agencies and any additional support available.

Astrea Academy Dearne aim to complete the application with you within 24 hours, and you should receive  the grant within three days of making contact.

If you don't meet the eligibility criteria but feel you have exceptional circumstances, you should contact Kerry Ann Beet by emailing or calling 07599 102159 to have a conversation around your needs and the support available.

Support for families of students at Barnsley College

Barnsley College, supported by Barnsley Council, are able to offer a household support grant to current Barnsley College students and their families. Students who live independently from their families (with children, with a partner, or on their own) are also eligible to apply.

Support available

The grant is available to provide financial support towards:

  • hygiene packs
  • wider basic essential items, such as bedding, towels, etc
  • energy costs, such as electricity connection or energy arrears. (Please note: wherever possible, payment will be made directly to the energy supplier and capped at £100.)


To be eligible for support you must:

  • be a current Barnsley College student
  • not have already received the £150 Post Office credit

Funding will be prioritised towards students and their families who:

  • have a low household income
  • are eligible for free school meals
  • are in receipt of benefits

How to apply

Email including the name and date of birth of the current Barnsley College student, to check your eligibility to apply.

If you don't have access to email, please call (01226) 216267.

After confirming your eligibility, you'll be sent an application form to complete. You can return you completed form:

  • by email to:
  • by post to: Student Services Funding Team, PO Box 266, Church Street, Barnsley, S70 2YW
  • by handing it in at Barnsley College main reception, marking it for the attention of the Student Services Funding Team

For more information about the grant and eligibility, please email or call (01226) 216267.

Support for unpaid carers

Barnsley Carers Service (Making Space), supported by Barnsley Council, are able to offer a household support grant to unpaid carers in Barnsley.


The grant is available to all unpaid carers registered with Barnsley Carers Service (BCS) who meet the eligibility criteria. Unpaid carers not already known to BCS can register with BCS to apply for the grant.

The criteria for an unpaid carer to apply is:

  • A working single person or a single person on a low income under £12,000 (after tax).
  • A working couple or couples on a low income under £18,000 (after tax).
  • Families on free school meals.
  • Unemployed unpaid carers on welfare benefits.
  • Pensioners in receipt of Pension Credit.

Initially this grant will be offered to unpaid carers already registered with BCS, who already meet the eligibility criteria.

How to apply

You can apply for this support by contacting Barnsley Carers Service by emailing or calling (01226) 288772 to complete a simple application. This form can be emailed or posted to you, or it can be completed over the phone.

You'll need to provide evidence that you meet the low income/welfare benefit eligibility criteria.

A panel will meet every Thursday to review all applications from the previous week. You'll be notified of the outcome by post or by email within 10 working days of BCS receiving your application.

Support from The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army, with the support of Barnsley Council, have funds available to help with the rising cost of living.

Support available

Support is available for food, fuel, white goods and other essentials.


Anyone in receipt of benefits may be eligible for support. For example, if you receive:

  • Universal Credit
  • Income Support
  • Pension Credit
  • Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA)
  • Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

How to apply

Please contact Alison Sykes or Jackie Kenning at The Salvation Army Goldthorpe:

You need take a form of identification and proof of your benefit to verify your status, and evidence of your need for support, such as a copy of your utility bill or photo of your meter if your utilities are pre-paid.

£150 support payment for food and fuel costs

We were awarded £2.3m in funding to help people with their fuel and food costs. In line with government guidance, this has been distributed to:

You didn't need to apply for this grant - we sent letters to everyone who was eligible by Sunday 7 August 2022.

The letter includes a barcode which you need to take to the Post Office with a form of ID to receive the £150 support payment.


Other support

Interest free loans from Community First Credit Union

Community First Community Bank (trading name of Community First Credit Union), supported by Barnsley Council, are offering interest free loans up to a maximum of £500 to people who are particularly struggling for food, paying their energy costs, or buying essential items due to the cost of living increase.

Current or new account holders at Community First who live in the Barnsley area may be able to take advantage of this scheme. You must meet the affordability criteria to apply.

This service will operate while funds are available.


You can apply for a loan if you meet the following criteria:

  • You're an existing account holder, or become an account holder, at Community First.
  • You're 18 years of age or over.
  • You have an established electronic payment into your Community First savings account. This could be a standing order, payroll deduction from your employer, or having your wages or benefit payments paid directly into your account.

How to apply

If you're not already a member of Community First you can join at your nearest branch or by completing the online application on the Community First website (select the 'join us today' option).

You can also call Community First on 0303 030 0010.

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