Reviews of Council Tax Support and Housing Benefit claims

If you claim Council Tax Support or Housing Benefit we'll review your claim from time to time. This is to make sure we're paying you the right amount of benefit.

We'll ask you to confirm your current circumstances by filling in one of our online forms. It's important you fill the form in - your benefit could be suspended if you don't.

If you receive Housing Benefit, or if you're pensionable age

If you're working age and receive Housing Benefit from us (not as part of your Universal Credit), or you or your partner are pensionable age, you can confirm your details by filling in the following form:

If you're working age and receive Council Tax Support only

If both you and your partner are working age and you only receive Council Tax Support from us, please fill in the following form:

Sending evidence

We may need to see some evidence if any of your circumstances have changed since we last reviewed your claim. If so, you can submit copies of these using our online form.

Select 'Send evidence' then 'Start new form' on the next page. You can also take a look at our sending evidence help guide.

Changes in circumstances

You need to tell us straight away if your circumstances change after making a Council Tax Support or Housing Benefit claim.

See our webpage about changing your details for Council Tax Support or Housing Benefit.