Business waste collections

If you run a business in Barnsley, we can help you recycle your waste and save you money.

We can offer you a regular, reliable service at competitive rates and with fixed price contracts.

Set up a business waste collection

You can use our online form below to request a normal or clinical waste collection. You can also use it to ask about our pre-paid bag service.

What we offer

We can:

  • collect your waste
  • recycle your waste paper and cardboard, reducing your waste disposal costs
  • collect clinical waste such as swabs, dressings, drugs or other medical products. We'll collect from businesses like doctors, dentists, vets, nursing clinics or tattooists.

For your waste we provide modern, hygienic containers in the following sizes:

  • 140 litre (holds about two black sacks)
  • 240 litre (holds about three black sacks)
  • 360 litre (holds about five black sacks)
  • 660 litre (holds about 12 black sacks)
  • 1100 litre (holds about 20 black sacks)

If you recycle and have very little waste, we can provide pre-paid bags/tags to attach to large parcels of waste, like cardboard.

For your clinical waste, we provide yellow clinical waste bags.

What it costs

Waste collection costs vary depending on the size of your containers and where your business is. We'll give you a quote when we visit your business premises to discuss your needs.

What happens next

We’ll call you within three working days to discuss your options. We can arrange a visit to your premises to assess your needs.

Once we’ve agreed what kind of collection you need and what it costs, we’ll send you a couple of forms to fill in and return. When you send these back, we’ll let you know your collection day and bring you your containers.

We’ll send you an invoice, which you can pay by debit or credit card.